Using ChatGpt in Toefl writing test

Artificial intelligence is now used in almost all of the daily life situations, and of course it is widely used in the field of English language learning, and preparation for TOEFL and IELTS tests. ChatGpt in TOEFL and ChatGpt in TOEFL writing is a commonly found use for ChatGpt in English language learning. ChatGpt could be used in the preparation for the TOEFL test, especially the TOEFL writing section. We will discuss the uses of ChatGpt in TOEFL writing, and preparation for the TOEFL test as well.

ChatGpt in TOEFL

ChatGpt is an application of artificial intelligence that is used for giving answers for most answers that you may ask. It can give you full answers to all your questions, and of course could help you in the training for the TOEFL test sections through giving you the appropriate material and appropriate sources for studying.

Uses of ChatGpt in TOEFL

The use of ChatGpt in TOEFL is considered one of the best uses of ChatGpt. ChatGpt applications in TOEFL can be as follows:

  • Guides you to the best placement test that will give you your real English level, and help you get the start point carefully.
  • Gives you the information you need to know about the test sections, and give you the best plan to improve your English language level based on your recent English level.
  • Gives you special training on the different TOEFL sections.
  • Guides you to the best material and sources that could help you improve your English language level.
  • Gives you a comprehensive and individual assessment for your different TOEFL skills.
  • Give you training on different test samples to help you assess your language based on the TOEFL test skills.
  • Help you to deal with the unknown words in the listening and reading sections.
  • Gives special training on the TOEFL writing section. The TOEFL writing section is usually tricky and needs a lot of work more than the other sections.
  • Gives training on the different test answering strategies.

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Use of ChatGpt in TOEFL writing

The use of ChatGpt in TOEFL writing is one of the most common uses of ChatGpt in the preparation for the TOEFL test. The TOEFL writing section needs special preparation to obtain the required score. ChatGpt can offer you the following advantages:

  • Gives you customised special training on the TOEFL writing section, which will enable you to develop your English writing skills.
  • Gives you rapid evaluation on your writing skills which mimics the real evaluation that is made by the TOEFL test.
  • ChatGpt can be used as a tool for daily training on the writing section which can be a rapid and accurate tool, without the need for a study partner.
  • Offers you a test sample on the TOEFL writing section.
  • Gives you demonstration videos that illustrate the test answering strategies, and how to deal with the different types of writing questions.
  • Helps you in the vocabulary and gives you the paraphrasing tools which will improve your linguistic outcome.

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Disadvantages of using ChatGpt in TOEFL preparation

  • Loss of communication with people. As you are using the application you communicate only with it, and with the sites it directs you to. It might not be a problem in the TOEFL test as you only have a computerised speaking test, and there is no visual communication.
  • ChatGpt has and other applications of artificial intelligence are limited. It has a limited number of mistakes that it can correct, and a limited number of rules that it can give you training on.
  •  ChatGpt can not give training on the rules of the TOEFL test.

ChatGpt is now a commonly used application for preparation for the TOEFL test, to achieve the best results, especially in the TOEFL writing section as it is more difficult than the other sections, and needs more time for studying and preparation.

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