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Your plan to TOEFL certificate renewal

The TOEFL test is considered one of the most important tests that measure English language proficiency around the world. It is also required for studying and immigration into the United States. In this article we are going to discuss the TOEFL certificate renewal, the TOEFL certificate duration, the TOEFL certificate benefit, and the method of TOEFL certificate renewal.

The TOEFL certificate issuing and duration

The TOEFL certificate is issued by the Educational tests service organisation in the United States. This organisation is represented by the Amideast, and the test is held by this organisation also. The TOEFL certificate duration is two years from the test date, after these two years the TOEFL certificate becomes invalid, and should be renewed.

TOEFL certificate renewal method

There are some fake advertisements about getting and renewing the TOEFL certificate without taking the test. All these advertisements are false, as the only way to get the TOEFL certificate, and to renew the TOEFL certificate is to take the test again.

How to prepare for the TOEFL certificate renewal

  • Take the placement test. The placement test can give you your real and accurate English level, and enable you to start from the right point.
  • Find your old books and notebooks, they will help you to remember what you have studied better than beginning from new books.
  • Make sure that you have studied English grammar very well. Any grammar mistake can affect your speaking and writing scores.
  • Practice speaking English everyday. Get a study partner as it will help you to practice everyday.
  • Revise the vocabulary that you have learnt, and assure you have added new ones.
  • Give more attention to the writing tasks as it may be tricky, and this skill may decline with time and need to be refreshed.
  • Train on answering the TOEFL test questions in the required time.

How to apply for the TOEFL certificate renewal

The application for the TOEFL certificate renewal requires the same documents as the first application. The application for the TOEFL test requires your identity cards, your visa card, and a recent photo.

The TOEFL certificate benefit

The TOEFL certificate benefit is so abundant. The TOEFL measures the proficiency in the most spoken language around the world, so the TOEFL certificate can be used in different situations as follows:

  • The TOEFL certificate is required for studying in a lot of universities around the world.
  • TOEFL test is essential for getting a scholarship at different top ranking universities for bachelor’s and postgraduate programmes.
  • Getting the TOEFL test with a good score can help you achieve academic success, especially for the scientific professions that are given in English.
  • The TOEFL certificate can help you to get a job in international companies, and get promoted.
  • It is required for immigration to different countries like Canada and the United States.

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