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Programming is the process operated in the background or behind the scene. It is responsible for making it possible for the user to deal with electronics. It can be considered as a hypothetical second language.  Learning programming for kids became necessary to face our era’s challenges. 

What is coding for kids (what is coding for kindergarten)? 

Coding is the method that makes computers and mobile phones understand our orders. It combines entertainment and developing the kids’ skills. Difficulty of teaching programming for kids depends on the method used for beginning with them and their abilities. 

The most convenient fact about learning programming for kids is that even if parents do not have any experience or knowledge in programming, they can find several resources to level up their kids’ learning experience. 

Why is programming for kids important? 

  1. Programming can provide them with more employment opportunities in the future. 
  2. Programming is the basic language of the digital world. 
  3. Programming teaches kids analytical and critical thinking.
  4. Programming teaches kids patience and planning. 
  5. Programming teaches kids problems’ solving in a sequential and logical way.
  6. Programming teaches kids creativity and thinking out of the box.
  7. Programming teaches kids to accept others’ thinking. 
  8. Programming improves kids’ level in maths.
  9. Programming improves kids’ computer skills. 
  10. Programming teaches kids self-dependence. 

When to teach kids programming? 

Programming is not a subject. It is a life-style, so anyone should learn its principles at a very young age. Some people present it to their kids at 8. Others present it at 5. The most trusted fact about this is that programming must be taught while the kid is ready for it. 

Here’s a comparison between Online learning vs offline learning.

Facts about coding and programming

  1. Although coding improves students’ level in maths, it doesn’t require a brilliant maths student or a nerd. 
  2. There is not a definite way to learn programming. It depends on your personality and your needs. 
  3. Programming for kids can be self-learnt, and it is not necessary to learn academically.
  4. Learning programming is not related to your age. You can start at any time. 
  5. Programming is exciting. This makes you able to sit for hours in front of your computer.
  6. There are about 700 programming languages, but you do not have to learn all of them. 
  7. Programming importance increases every day.
  8. Programming codes are mainly based on the numbers (0) and (1). 
  9. The first programmer was a woman. 
  10. The first gaming projects did not earn any money. This may help you to realize the importance of continuous trying. 
  11. Programming participated in ending the second world war. 
  12. You may need to use variable coding languages to finish a single project.

Find out the online learning meaning.

Free important resources for programming for kids-learn coding? 


  • It is one of the world’s best coding websites for children and a coding language that allows kids to create games, animations and digital stories.
  • It is available in about 70 languages. 


  • It is one of the most important resources for programming for kids-learn coding. 


  • It concerns providing every child with solid foundations in Computer Science and critical thinking skills to make them able to become better architects of their future. 


  • This application is suitable for kids from 4 to 10 years old. 


  • It uses entertaining methods to make learning more interesting.


  • It depends on interactive learning. 

CodeSpark Academy

  • It is suitable for kids from 4 years old.

Move the turtle

  • It is suitable for kids from 6 to 12 years old. 
  • It teaches kids through visual graphics. 


 It provides: 

  1. Flexibility in choosing the most suitable dates. 
  2. Completely online course via zoom. 
  3. A qualified group of Arabic and foreigner experts in programming. 

Why should you get private lessons with ?

What are examples of simple programming ideas? 

Starting with simple projects is important to make teaching programming for kids an interesting thing, not very complicated. In this topic, we will give you different ideas to launch your first projects.

  1. Designing a game.
  2. Making a to-do-list application. 
  3. Making a funky photography application. 
  4. Making a calculator. 
  5. Making a weather application.
  6. Making a quizz.
  7. Making a video editor.
  8. Making a writing program. 
  9. Making an application that facilitates scientific research. 
  10. Making a library. 

Ideas can not be confined. You can reach endless results and ideas. Think about your daily life and things you need to make it  easier. I’m sure you will find thousands of ideas. 

Here are 10 advantages of online private lessons.

How to get your kid into computer programming? 

We have known that programming is not a subject, but it is a life-style. To make it possible to explain programming to a child, you must prepare his mind and personality. Here are many tips  which may be beneficial to accomplish this mission: 

  1. You can start with coding games and toys at a very young age like LEGO as mind storming prepares the mind to learn the basics of coding before starting to do this. 
  2. Encourage them to solve puzzles. 
  3. Talk with your kid about the surrounding problems and encourage him to find solutions for them. 
  4. Give them the space to commit mistakes and fix them. 
  5. Make your kid passionate about technology. 
  6. Inform your kid about coding languages and help him to choose which language to start with to learn. 
  7. Try to find a partner for your child to encourage him to learn. 
  8. Start with a coding language which is easy to learn, like python. 


Due to the fact of:

“Early start, grow smart”

It became mandatory to teach kids programming at an early age. This became easier in the last few years. Just take the decision and start with your kid as soon as possible. 

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