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The Foundational Emsat Biology Course

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The Foundational Emsat Biology Course


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Objectives of the Foundational emsat Biology Course

The Foundational emsat Biology Course works to overcome the weaknesses in the biology curriculum for grade 11 students in order to prepare for the evening exam.

As well as the 12th grade students who have weaknesses in the biology curriculum and want to establish and overcome them.

  • Genetics and genetic technology.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Similarities and differences – Ecosystems.
  • Energy and dynamic interactions.

The target of the Foundational emsat Biology Course

Students who want to improve their Arabic language skills and level to prepare for the Emsat Arabic exam.

Eleventh grade students who want to strengthen their Arabic language skills to prepare for the Emsat Arabic Exam.

Advantages of the Foundational emsat Biology Course Touches

  • An individual online course, not in a group.
  • Flexibility to choose suitable dates – morning appointments – evening appointments.
  • Studying with highly experienced teachers in developing an appropriate training plan to raise the academic level of students.
  • Biology syllabus placement test in order to know your academic level and develop a customized training plan for you.
  • Providing practical exercises and applications on the biology curriculum that enable you to gain experience and easily solve the questions of the Biology Emsat exam.
  • Continuous assessment and guidance of students’ performance to develop skills.
  • Providing study materials that help students study outside the classroom

Content of the Foundational emsat Biology Course

From Molecules to Living Organisms Structure and Function

  • Learn about chemistry in biology, organization and development of living organisms.
  • The importance of biological molecules in the body and the properties of water.
  • The role of enzymes in chemical reactions in living organisms
    The main cellular processes of obtaining energy (photosynthesis and cellular respiration) and processes of energy transformation.
  • The role of cells in different organisms.
  • Cellular structures and organelles and their functions.
  • The main body systems and their functions in living organisms and the importance of the interaction between body systems in the internal balance

genetics and genetic technology

  • Cell growth and division, with a focus on the behavior of chromosomes during the different stages of mitosis.
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Genetic changes and inheritance patterns.
  • Biodiversity similarities and differences.
  • Biodiversity – similarities and differences.

Diversity and evolution of living things

  • Theory and evidence for determining relationships between different species.
  • Evolution processes.
  • Classification of living things.
  • Ecosystems Energy interactions and dynamics.

Environmental interdependence on different structural concepts

  • The movement of matter and the flow of energy through the ecosystem.
  • Abiotic and biotic factors on carrying capacity and environmental dynamics.
  • Training is conducted with practical methods and methods that enable you to overcome weaknesses and gain the necessary experience in the evenings of the living.


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