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Computer Science Teacher : We are now in the era of artificial intelligence. This era has new requirements and challenges. Therefore, students need to be ready for these challenges. Acquiring new skills in computer science and technology is a must now.

As the advancement of technology is happening at a quick pace, we need to learn at a quick pace too. This will happen with a private teacher in computer science. So if you are Saudi and want to learn computer science with a Saudi private teacher in computer science,

Who is a computer science teacher?

A Computer Science Teacher is a teacher specialized in computer science. The teacher has a degree in computer science or a relevant field. Computer Science Teacher teaches their students the knowledge of computers and how to program. They help them understand the mathematics behind computer technology.

What are the benefits of lessons with a Saudi private Computer Science Teacher ?

  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • The teacher helps you lay the foundation of programming.
  • You get personlaized learning that fits your skills and needs.
  • You can grasp the difficult topics in computer science easily.
  • The Computer Science Teacher supports you during your learning, keeping you motivated.
  • The teacher gives useful feedback so you can improve your skills.
  • The Computer Science Teacher can help you with exam preparation.
  • You gain a lot of confidence with the help of your teacher.
  • You can take as many sessions with your Computer Science Teacher as you like.


Courses offered by in computer science

Preparation course for Emsat computer science test

They students learn about EmSat exams and practice many exam models. The Computer Science Teacher teach them useful strategies and skills for solving questions of the exam. The student learns the rules of computing and programming languages whether Python or Java. The topics covered in this course are programming, computer systems, networking, and artificial intelligence.

Programming courses for kids

These are various courses in programming and technology for kids. The courses are interactive and the kids enjoy personalized learning experiences in a fun way. These courses are:

  • Python course for children

This an one-on-one course that teach kids how to program with python in an easy way. the children learn the basics of the logic of programming and problem solving using python. They study algorithms and how to analyze them.

Kids learn the basics of building desktop applications, mobile applications, and programming games. They learn the basics of UI design, so they can create suitable graphical interface. In addition they learn the basics of algorithms and how to solve problems. 

  • Kids Scratch Course

The kids learn the basics of programming using scratch language enabling to make video games, animations, and music. The course teach kids problem solving, how to use commands to create interactive programs.

  • Animation course

The aims of this course is to learn kids how to create animation. Kids learn 2D animation on Anime Studio software. Kids learn the basics of animation and how to design characters. Kids lear how to draw facial expressions and how to animate a full movie. The course is interactive and involve graduation project.

  • Robotics design course

In this course, kids learn the basic concepts of robotics and how to design robots. They learn the needed algorithms to program robots and design virtual 3D robots.

  • Youtube Creator Course

In this course, kids learn how to create Youtube videos suitable for the target audience in a creative and professional ways.

Online private college lessons in programming

This course is intended for college students. It covers the main topics in computer science, including the fundamentals of programming, oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, databases, and software engineering.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

These courses aim to teach students the basics of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. These courses include many, such as:

  • ChatGPT course for beginners

The course aims to teach how to use ChatGPT effectively for learning and working.

  • Artificial intelligence course

This course aims to teach students what artificial intelligence is. And what are its applications? And define the main terms, such as computer vision and Bayesian networks.

Other computer courses

These courses are in different areas of the tech field and aim to teach students new skills. It includes:

  • Augmented reality course (VR/AR)

This course aims to teach students how to create a virtual environment. Students learn business ideas for applications in AR. They can carry out some interactive experiments.

The course teaches the basics of designing websites and how attractive websites work.

This course aims to teach students how to use chatbots and how to create automatic responses.


Learning new skills in computer science is crucial nowadays. The advantages of one-on-one learning sessions are apparent to anyone. Try to take one-on-one sessions in computer science with Computer Science Teacher in

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