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Application development Course

Desktop and mobile applications interfere with most of the activities of daily life, whether on the practical or even entertainment side, so provided an application development course for children in order to teach them the basics of building desktop and mobile applications as well as programming games as well to facilitate their entry into this fun-filled world.

Advantages of Application development Course with

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    Educational materials

    Providing written and visual teaching aids to enrich the educational experience

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    Continuous training

    Providing the child with the latest ideas and continuous training to find the best solutions to problems

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    Customized for you

    Flexibility in scheduling classes – morning and evening classes to suit the student’s needs

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    Experienced teacher

    Teachers are familiar with the latest developments in the world of programming and the latest technology used

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    Online individual courses

    Interactive sessions through ZOOM and accompanied by a professional private tutor in Application development

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

How does the application development Course work?

A programming teacher will work with the child according to his comprehension abilities to establish him in programming and application development and put him on the right path, making it easier for him to engage more in advanced levels in the world of software industry.

Application development Course outcomes

An expert tutor in programming is working to lay the foundation stone for the child to enter the world of programming with greater expansion, by providing him with:


  • Application development basics:1. Desktop.
    2. Mobile.
    3. Games.
  • UI design basics:The child analyzes the requirements of the application to create a suitable graphical interface for the user that provides factors:
    1. Ease of use.
    2. Ease of view of the user.
    3. Providing the needs of the user in the simplest possible steps.
  • Basic Algorithms:Algorithms are a series of programming steps to solve a specific problem, which the teacher will explain to the child in order to facilitate the process of analyzing and applying them in various applications.
  • Analysis of the problem and the best ways to solve it:Programming is based on a deep understanding of the problem and then developing the appropriate algorithm to solve it, and this is what the child will be able to understand during the application development course.
Application development Course

Advantages of Programming courses for children online educational platform has many features that make it the best and optimal choice,
including the following:

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    The course starts the day after booking.

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    Programming materials and explanations

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    Interactive and direct courses between the student and the teacher.

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    Professional teacher and trainer on modern teaching methods

What are the programming courses for children offered by

  • 1

    Youtube Creator Course

    This course lays out the basics of creating video content on the social networking site Youtube and how to
    come up with ideas for professionally arranged and designed videos.

  • 2

    Robotics design course

    A course that teaches children the world of robotics design by default, making it a more flexible and easy
    learning environment. Through the course, children will learn to design virtual 3D robots and have fun

  • 3

    Application development cycle

    Development Course for Kids offered by Prepares Your Child for Game and Application
    Development We help children enter the world of application programming and games.

  • 4

    Kids Scratch Course

    Through this course, which is an introductory course for children to the world of programming, the child
    learns how they can create games, videos, animations, music and the basics of programming, and learn about
    everything about the program at the hands of experts in the world of programming.

  • 5

    Animation course

    Animation course from aims to enable child trainees to create and design animation. This
    course is an opportunity to give your child practical experience by working on different animation

  • 6

    Python course for children

    The Python course works for children with appropriate ages of our children and according to their ability
    to comprehend, to teach them the basics of programmatic logic and how to define problems and create
    logical solutions to them by using the capabilities of the Python language.

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