Learning Russian for travel

Well who doesn’t want to Learning Russian for travel , I mean who doesn’t want to travel to Russia, whether for entertainment or study or even searching for a job? More and more people are learning Russian for plenty of reasons and it has a growing popularity among language learners, besides its considered the sixth most spread language in the whole world.

Learning Russian for travel : has grown a more and more popular language, especially for Arab people, and that may be due to the recent growing communication and cooperation between the countries, besides that Russia is considered one of the great powers in the whole world and advanced in many fields.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons who should we Learning Russian for travel.

Learning Russian for travel

  • The Russian language is greatly spoken in the whole world, especially in the two continents of Asia and Europe, which were part of the soviet union formerly, it was the formal used language in that era.
  • The soviet union is a group of about 15 countries between Asia and Europe that was under Russian authority, that’s why you can find most of Eastern Europe and some Asian countries using the Russian language.
  • Now more than 15 countries use Russian as their first or second language, and about 150 to 200 million people speak Russian as their first language, in countries like Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and others.
  • And about 110 to 120 million people speak Russian as their second language, in countries like Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and others.
  • Now as we can see that there are plenty of countries are using Learning Russian for travel, so if you have any intentions to go to a European country or even an Asian you might consider learning Russian.

Reasons to Learning Russian for travel : 

However, if you made up your mind that you would like to visit Russia, that would be plenty of reasons, let’s mention some of them:

  • Education

Learning Russian for travel is widely known for being one of the top countries in plenty of industries and sciences, starting from Math and physics to nuclear energy and astronomy, and we can’t definitely ignore the architectural landmarks and the splendid decorations and design styles.

  • Culture

Russian culture is one of the richest cultures in the whole world, and the language actually is greatly affected by the different cultural aspects; first would be definitely literature, which is greatly involved and affected contemporary ideologies.

The Writers weren’t just writing novels or stories, they actually were philosophers and great thinkers describing societal realities, and philosophical issues that helped build the ideologies at that time, like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky.

Also, the performing arts, fine arts, theatre, and ballet, besides the music especially the classical style, the Learning Russian for travel style of arts is famous for its strong expressions and concise, which can be differed easily from other art schools from different countries in the world.

  • Religion

If you visited Russia you will notice that there are plenty of churches in the country, and each one of them has its own architectural uniqueness different from the others, Orthodox is the main religion in Russia and they still keep some of their rituals now.

  • Folklore

The folklore in Russia is various, as it has plenty of customs and traditions that they maintain for decades they still save it, like the different traditional costumes, folklore songs and dances that they still apply in their ceremonies and occasions.

  • The views and the landmarks

Russia is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world, and it combined between the combination of beautiful natural landscapes and the beauty of its own splendid landmarks that visitors come to visit it.

For the natural landscapes, there are plenty of beautiful views like Lake Baikal, the Ural Mountains, and the vast Siberian plains, which are the beauty of the country.

The memorable landmarks and the most famous are The Kremlin in Moscow, St. Petersburg Cathedral, and Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, in addition to the city of Kazan, and plenty of other things

How unique the Russian vocabulary is 

The Arabic and Russian languages can be various from each other in plenty of aspects, so would these aspects make difference in the process of learning let’s see :

  • So as we know that the Learning Russian for travel is from the Slavic family root and many of its words have their origins in Old Church Slavonic, the liturgical language of the Eastern Orthodox Church like “бог” (god), “душа” (soul), and “свет” (light).
  • Plenty of its words are borrowed from other European Latin origins languages, like French, English, and Germany, however, Arabic comes from a Sematic origin that can be close to the Persian language.
  • Some letters in the Russian language are pronounced the same way sometimes even if they’re not written in the same way, unlike Arabic where each letter has its own sound and way of writing and is never pronounced the same way.
  • Besides that, there are some sounds that don’t exist in the other language like the Arabic language has different sounds that Learning Russian for travel isn’t familiar with, so it tends to emerge a similar or alternative sound.
  • The Russian language is known for its rich idiomatic expressions to add extra depth to the meaning and usually, these idioms make sense only in the same language and can’t be translated, because it relies more on cultural references.

like for instance, “бить в железо, пока горячо” (to strike the iron while it’s hot) means to take advantage of an opportunity promptly, and Arabic is familiar with such idioms as well.

After we mentioned some of the main points about the varieties between the Arabic and the Russian languages, which seem a bit different but there also similarities, let’s try to know how we can learn them properly.

Choosing the suitable Russian language lessons 

Firstly we need to know that we’re dealing with a language and that plenty of people did before, and for sure Arabs as well, so don’t feel frustrated to start.

Secondly, thanks to the internet now we can search for everything from the comfort of our home, so you can start searching for plenty of sources the learn Russian.

The most used and recommended sources are the lessons or the courses that you have a tutor who guides through all the process of learning whether online or offline.

But you can’t just choose any language lesson, you should be mindful of some important points:

  • Planing

So before everything you should know why you want to learn this language and what you want to achieve or what you need, whether focusing on a specific skill that you’re weak at.

  • Choosing the suitable curriculum

According to what we mentioned earlier, you will be able to identify your needs exactly and choose the most suitable curriculum for you.

  • The methodology

Learning languages is a flexible skill so you don’t need to stick to a specific method, you must use the method that you prefer and makes the process of learning more enjoyable for you.

  • Practice and exercise

We must be honest about this point especially, because it is so critical, since if you didn’t practice and exercise a lot in your lesson and alone the course wouldn’t be of great use.

  • Consistency

As critical as the previous point, since you can’t just start taking language lessons and you don’t practice regularly or constantly, that may affect the level that you have reached in a very short time so make yourself a plan to practice daily and be disciplined.

So we will recommend you check Elmadrassah.com  language lessons that will definitely benefit you, as it offers:

  • Assessment and Evaluation since the beginning.
  • Building a suitable plan for you
  • Applying the methods that suit you
  • Consistent support and following up with the student in case of any requirements.
  • With a highly professional staff that will assure you get to the level you need.

And finally, remember that learning a language is like looking through a different window, you’re dealing with different people with different cultures so find out how can you enjoy it.

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