How parents can help their children accept themselves

Raising a child is considered one of the most critical and vital topics and missions to be done, especially for children in their early years, and that’s due to how sensitive they are to everything around them, especially in their early years. One of the reasons why most parents now are trying and searching to know the best ways to raise their children was their understanding that taking care of a child is not just about fulfilling their basic needs like food and drink.

As a parent, you’re also responsible for their psychological aspect and how they absorb life and deal with it, besides you are the bridge between them and their society, so you need to follow them up and guide them constantly.

The parent-child relationship

The parent-child relationship is the primary or the core relationship that all other relationships depend upon, as it affects everything in the child’s life, how the relationship is usually like, how to deal with others, and even how to deal with themselves.

And since the child at a young age is like a mirror or a reflection of their parents, they will echo them whatever the action, due to the lack of experience they won’t know how this will affect them or another solution. We all know the results of this, especially as previously we’ve been raised according to our cultures and traditions regardless of whether they are effective or not.

On the other hand, in the world we live in nowadays we have all the information but we need to search and know how to apply it.

So since we mentioned how the parent-child relationship is essential if you want to have children raised well without any complications.

Then let’s know about the main tips that parents should know and act upon, especially during their early ages:

Children are highly triggered and stimulated by their surroundings, that’s why they will deal according to what they see, which results in most conditions acquiring bad habits or resulting in bad ones like violence etc…

Sometimes parents or the people who are surrounding children can bully them or make fun of them in the form of a joke, but it can affect the children’s self-esteem or respect without realising it.

Never reject the child physically or verbally, and that happens when parents ignore their children, use violence, or even ask them to quiet down or not to speak.

The comparison that parents usually do to push their children furthermore, and this can result in having problems with their self-worthiness and how they value themselves, besides they will get the idea that they won’t be loved until they do what they’re told.

Parents should encourage their children constantly and have patience during teaching them, besides guiding them whenever they need help.

Parents can build a routine for their children which is programmed according to a bunch of healthy exercises and practices.

Accepting the child is a very essential step, whatever they look like, their mental capabilities or academic grades.

Searching for methods that suit this age and make it more exciting for them.

Trying to understand the child’s feelings and contain them and help them understand it and know how to deal with it.

Making him indulge in society not isolate him.

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Relationships affect the child’s self-acceptance

The society we live in has a huge impact on us, first how we got raised from the beginning was according to society.

We get our reactions, behaviours, beliefs, and mindsets mostly from our society and the people in this society who think or believe in it, that’s why we tend to reject everything or accept everything according to our society regardless of the children’s benefit. And sometimes we may send some kind of messages to our children unconsciously with the acceptance or rejection depending on the situation. But since the child lacks understanding, they tend to not know about the things that are not acceptable in society or for what reasons.

Thanks to our world nowadays, we have the ability to think for our own selves and act upon what we think is right regardless of what others will say. At an early age for the children they absorb the treatments and the interactions they had with their friends or acquaintances and they directly imitate it, and if it resulted in a negative experience they easily get traumatised. Not just people, but also the media or the technological tools of entertainment like tv shows and movies, even animation or cartoons that most of the time present ideas that don’t suit children.

That’s why we should be so careful and follow the children carefully during their life experiences without harming them or causing them to feel inferior.

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The importance of applying positive methods to raise our children

Since society has a huge impact on the child, how is it important to raise them well in the beginning:

  • Raising children well will make them more balanced without the need for someone to tell them about how they are worthy or their value.
  • They will understand the basics like respecting themselves and others, and how to deal with themselves and others.
  • They will be able to establish their own minds, entities, and points of view, without the need for someone else.
  • Raising the children’s awareness of what surrounds them.
  • Know how to solve the problems they deal with.

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