Building a Stronger Bond: Nurturing a Positive Parent-Child Relationship with Expert Tips

The parent-child relationship is a vital topic, especially nowadays, as you keep hearing the term “We were doing this and that in our days”. And actually, nowadays life is full of changes and improvements will support it, since most of the basics that existed before, don’t exist anymore, and plenty of things appeared in different life aspects that have become normal.

Some of these developments and changes occurred in the cultures and the traditions of the societies and some for the professions, education, and even how to communicate with others around you. Nevertheless, how to raise your children, how the connection between you should be, and how it can be different now after all the changes that we are facing in this age.

The effect of the parent-child relationship on children 

The is considered one of the basics that we all should be knowing about since it’s the first thing that we encounter as children and as parents.

The children start their life and start establishing their own point of view about themselves and their life through their relationship with their parents, but why?

Simply the answer is because those children grow up like their parents, especially in their early years, they start echoing and imitating their actions. Besides, the genes they surely grow to have caused them to have lots of similarities with them on a deeper level, like how they think and absorb situations and as a result how they deal with it, all of these the children learn in their childhood from their parents.

That’s why parents should be very careful when they deal with their children and what they are teaching them, even unconsciously. When children come to life they lack experience in everything, how their parents teach and establish them is the basics they deal with life upon, and this doesn’t come mainly from words but also actions.

Some actions we adopt as people are normally considered actions that we gained somehow, maybe from our parents like how we got raised, maybe from life in general, we grow up knowing that they aren’t the most useful habits to teach our children or even to show to them.

And sometimes there is some kind of a gap between the children and their parents grow due to some misunderstanding or misinterpreting some stuff, and let’s take a look at some of these causes:

  • The gap may be encountered when the parents try to raise their children according to how they were raised, so we need to get that the generations are different and we can’t read a technology book the way we read history.
  • Sometimes the differences in every generation, some kind of lack of understanding could happen, which may lead to not listening to each other, thinking that each one of them has the right and the other should listen.
  • Sometimes and due to the lots of responsibilities that parents have, they sometimes neglect the psychological side of their children and focus more on how to provide for their essential needs.
  • In the old times, we didn’t have plenty of resources to have the information we needed to learn how to deal with our children in a healthy way, and that caused the interactions to be superficial.
  • Demanding too much from the children without giving them the support they deserve or need, or even not giving them the right credit they deserve after hard work.
  • Using violence or stressful methods to teach the children, like criticising them all the time, blaming them for everything, or even using an aggressive reaction to make the children fear to do it again.

And as a result, there are plenty of consequences that occur that we need to be mindful of like:

  • Lacking the self-confidence that the children will have due to the passive relationship with their parents.
  • Lack of guidance can make the children get indulged in experiences that may not have the nicest effect on their characters.
  • Lack the trust in their families and as a result, all the surroundings.
  • This may cause the disability to create normal healthy relationships.
  • The children will grow to have some psychological issues, that may need urgent interference from a specialist, like not accepting themselves.
  • Lack of self-respect and others too, due to the absence of a role model.

So, what can we do to help decrease these gaps between parents and children?

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Effective communication between the parents and children

So as we got how the relationship between the parents and the children would affect the children, and that for instance if parents couldn’t contain their children positively, so how can we deal with our children in a positive way?

So as we mentioned that most of the issues come from the idea that parents and children aren’t from the same generation which leads to gaps in communication. Children should feel that their parents respect them and love, and accept them whatever they do, as the parents are the safe zone for the children and the core of their psychological health.

The challenges to raising children in the modern age

Through this age, we’ve encountered plenty of challenges and changes that affected everything positively or negatively.

But how did this world that we live in nowadays can make it hard for us to raise our children even though everything became accessible and easy to get:

  • Everything became accessible, which allowed lots of new definitions, cultures, and ethics to encounter our children, which won’t have a fully positive effect without the censorship of the parents.
  • Everything changed between how we were raised previously and how it is done now, so much flexibility and studying are needed.
  • A good understanding of our children and knowing their personality well, what they love, are interested in, the mood swipes and everything.
  • The existence of this new technology made people in general whether children or their parents spend lots of their time holding their phones without saying a single word to the person beside them for a long time.
  •  Not paying attention to real human interactions.
  • The entrance of a new set of behaviours, trends, or even clothes, that most of the modern generations follow without any measurement.

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The practical methods to improve the parent-child relationship

Enhancing the relationship between the children and their parents can sound challenging and needs a long time, but it is worth it, so investing in your children is a very crucial thing, especially in their beginnings.

As a result, we need to be mindful of some steps and try to act upon them to enhance our relationship with our children like:

  • Defining a specific time every day to spend with the children to do some kind of activities that children enjoy doing.
  • Reading books and learning about how to deal with our children in a healthy way.
  • Using positive supporting methods to educate them.
  • Giving them respect and love unconditionally, and accepting them also without criticising them.
  • Encourages positive constructive discussions that allow the child to speak their minds and express themselves freely.
  • Never use violence, and listen to them with understanding and without judging.
  • Give them the necessary guidance and encouragement to live their own life.

And we encourage you to try consultancies, which will help to raise your children the way you like through:

  • Understanding everything related to them through courses will help guide you about how to deal with your children in the right way.
  • How to build a solid relationship with your children, help and encourage them through what they want to do in their lives.
  • With the help of our experienced advisors, they will help you analyse your children and know the programs that can suit each one of them.
  • Our advisors are experts in the behavioural adjustment fields, whatever the case and the age.
  • Using the methods that suit the child and entertain them at the same time.
  • Communicating with our advisors anytime anywhere since the courses are completely remote.

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