How do I deal with the different types of children?

Raising your children is probably the longest journey in your life, it is the hardest job also, so you have to educate yourself to know how to raise a psychologically stable child. The first step to achieve this goal is to understand your child’s personality types, so you can give him the right care and deal with him in the best way.

Children’s personality types

Children’s personalities can be classified according to certain collections of characteristics into the following types:

  • The fun-loving type.
  • The sensitive type.
  • The serious type.

Each type of child has its unique collection of characteristics. It is not necessary that your child should have all characteristics of a certain type, but he may have some of them or some characteristics from each type. But generally all the children can be classified through this classification.

The fun-loving children’s type

The fun-loving personality is a special personality that is characterised by:

  • Highly imaginative and creative.
  • Highly active and love to talk and play.
  • Have the ability to create a funny atmosphere around them.
  • They are highly curious and like to discover everything around them.
  • Highly social and usually has a lot of friends.
  • Sensitive to the others’ opinions of him and can change his mind according to their opinion.
  • Love to see the others happy around him.
  • They usually take rapid actions in their situations that may be wrong and need a correction from the adults around them.

How to improve your fun-loving child’s personality?

These types of children need special help, because they need to see you happy all the time. Any sad event in the surrounding area may affect them, causing depression and disappointment. 

They need you to share your time with them, in order to help the improvement of their minds and get their creative ideas to reality.

This personality also needs your control over their actions. As we mentioned before, this type of personality is hasty and may make wrong decisions and make wrong actions, this has to be controlled by the adults who should also train them well to think before acting.

Those children are so gifted that they require a certain amount of leeway to express themselves. Let their talent go, and they will show you how great they can be.

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The determined children’s type

This type of child is characterised by these criteria:

  • They are perfectionists. These types of children usually try to do their work in the best form.
  • Highly organised person. They like to organise everything in their life.
  • They can think logically. Logical reasoning triumphs over emotional reasoning in these children.
  • They prefer individual work rather than team work.
  • They become disappointed so soon if they can’t  find what they are working for.
  • They are so sensitive to criticism, and they usually care about the other’s opinion of them.

How can you help your determined children?

Your determined child’s type needs to be well appreciated by adults. His parents must show him the respect he deserves by listening to him, considering his input in their daily work, and attempting to solve his problems without trivialising them.

As we mentioned before, this child’s type usually thinks logically, so you have to keep this in mind while dealing with him.

Your child needs your continuous support, he needs to listen to your constructive criticism and your encouragement, to help him work with his best effort.

The sensitive child’s type

  • This type is so shy and quiet. You will find him less interactive with the others and they also look boring to the other children.
  • They may suffer from delayed acting. They are so quiet in their work and take longer to finish their daily work.
  • They like planning so much that they plan for everything they do in their lives. They also become disappointed in the failure of their planning.
  • They are good listeners.

How can you help your sensitive child?

Try to make him feel safe, he likes this feeling as he is shy and doesn’t like social interactions that much.

Tell him about everything. Simply, he needs to know about your plans, your feelings, and everything else. Tell him usually that you love him, this will improve his self-confidence and increase his inner peace.

Encourage him to be interactive with the other children. The parents should help him to engage with the children of his same age, tell him how to make friends, and tell him to speak tactfully.

He also needs a safe place to stay away from the others. It is healthy to help your child to be interactive with other people but don’t forget to give him the safe and quiet place he needs. He needs only to make a balance between his social life and staying alone.

The serious children’s type

This type has some similarities with the fun-loving type, both of them are so active and have  high enthusiasm, but the serious child’s type differs in that he has a strong, stubborn personality, and not as funny as the fun-loving child, simply, he is more a more serious child.

 He also has the ability to do different work at the same time and he has the leadership characteristics so he likes to be team leader in the school or university or in his work in the future.

 Otherwise the fun-loving type doesn’t care about the opinion of others, he can also become nervous so easily.

How to improve the skills of your serious child?

  • Teach him how to deal with his problems quietly. This child can be so nervous in a lot of his situations, so the role of his parents is to teach him to stay calm and solve problems quietly.
  • Avoid being stubborn with him, this will help to decrease the stubbornness of your child.
  • Try to help him plan for his life. This child’s type needs your help to know how to organise his life and how to plan.
  • Teach him how to deal with others respectfully.
  • Usually use suggestion style rather than asking, this will be suitable with his type of personality.

You need to see your child growing with good psychological health, this can be attained by your well understanding of children’s type and dealing with them, so you can achieve the best for him.

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