Establishing elmadrasah.Com: A revolution in the digital education process

Do you know how the platform started and what are the reasons behind creating this effective platform in the remote learning system? It is one of the leading platforms in the field of digital education, aiming to transform the learning process and make it more effective, interactive, and it allows easy access to information and knowledge from anywhere and at any time, utilizing technology to provide a fun and engaging educational experience for learners.

In this article, let us tell you how the idea of started and its role in the educational system. and Remote Learning Technologies

Technology is one of the most important factors that have contributed to a revolution in digital education.

It helps improve and expand the access to knowledge and develop learners’ skills.

Thanks to technology, students can easily access lectures and lessons online and use digital tools and educational applications to enhance their learning. is one of the leading destinations in the field of digital education, providing a wide range of online courses and educational programs.


  • has succeeded in becoming one of the most successful educational platforms, offering a unique and innovative learning experience.
  • The idea of establishing this platform came from its founders when they were looking for teachers and private lessons for their children in various fields and educational stages.
  • They were searching for experienced professional teachers while also seeking to provide convenience and comfort for their children.
  • Additionally, they were concerned about leaving their children with private tutors without their presence.
  • Thus, the idea of creating a platform similar to a school, with teachers from various fields and educational stages, came to them.
  • This school was supported by the crucial feature of being online, providing the right time and place for each child and parent as they wish.
  • It also offered a sense of security for parents to attend lessons with their children or leave them with the teacher during the lesson.
  • The idea was executed, and was launched, continuing to be successful in providing everything that students and their parents need, offering benefits and advantages that serve their educational plans.

Benefits of establishing

Since its inception, has provided numerous benefits for students and their parents.

What started as a simple and useful idea has transformed into a massive platform offering a wide range of advantages, including the following:

  • Flexibility in Schedules and Timetables:

With the presence of this digital platform, learners can access diverse learning resources online anytime and anywhere. offers morning and evening sessions to accommodate all students, allowing them the flexibility to choose suitable schedules.

  • Diverse and Comprehensive Educational Resources: is a significant source of rich and varied educational resources.

It provides innovative and advanced educational content covering a wide range of subjects and topics.

Learners can benefit from instructional videos, interactive materials, tests and assessments, discussions, and other tools available on the platform.

Additionally, these resources are regularly updated to meet learners’ needs and educational program requirements.

  • Communication and Collaboration between Teachers and Students: facilitates interaction and collaboration between teachers and students.

Teachers can use the platform to deliver educational content, guide students, assess performance, and provide constructive feedback.

Similarly, students can communicate with teachers, ask questions, and share ideas and contributions with their peers.

This fosters social interaction and cooperation within the educational community, contributing to improved academic performance and comprehensive learning for students.

  • Diverse Courses and Lessons: offers a plethora of courses across various fields, such as

  • Preparation courses for exams like EmSAT.
  • Private lessons for all educational stages from kindergarten to twelfth grade.
  • Skill development courses in programming.
  • Leadership, and artificial intelligence.
  • As well as courses for TOEFL and other international exams.
  • Online engineering design courses.
  • Learning difficulties and skill development courses.
  • Online university tutoring sessions.
  • Additionally, language learning courses are available.
  • Individual Sessions: provides live and interactive individual sessions between the student and the teacher through Zoom application, ensuring maximum benefit from the learning process.

  • Easy Access and User-Friendly Interface:

The platform boasts a user-friendly and simple interface, making it easy for both students and teachers to browse and use the platform comfortably.

  • Safe and Protected Environment:

One of the crucial benefits and reasons for establishing is to provide a safe environment for students, away from individual interactions between teachers and students without parental supervision.

Parents can either attend the lessons with their children or leave them with the teacher during the lesson, without any concerns. also allows parents to select teachers according to their children’s learning styles and needs.

  • Experienced Teachers:

Teachers on the platform are carefully selected, possessing high teaching skills and extensive experience. 

The platform includes both Arab and foreign teachers, providing teaching in various languages.

  • Packages:

The platform offers various private lesson packages, accommodating different budgets and educational goals, aiming to relieve parents from the burden of private lessons.

  • Continuous Reviews and Assessments:

Through, students can continuously review lessons and assessments at any time and from any location that suits them, contributing to an improved educational experience and increased chances of success.

With these benefits, can be considered a revolution in digital education, enhancing access to knowledge for learners, providing comprehensive and diverse educational resources, and promoting communication and collaboration between teachers and students, it has achieved the founders’ dream of simulating an actual school and obtaining all educational assistance at home while continuing to reap various advantages and developments.

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