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No matter what your future plans are, speaking a new language is an incredibly useful skill;  Have you put learning a new language among your plans for this year?

 What about Urdu?  Through private lessons in Urdu Language with Private Urdu Tutor in Ajman , your language skills improve, you have a platform to understand the world from a completely new perspective, and you are encouraged to adopt new customs and new cultural differences.  There’s another added benefit: it nurtures your sense of empathy and understanding for others, while also opening up new paths to professional success in today’s globalized age.

Urdu language: origins and history

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language from the Indo-Iranian branch of languages, belonging to the Indo-European language family.  It is the official language of Pakistan, one of the 22 languages ​​in India, and is an official language in five Indian states.  Its vocabulary has evolved from Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Pashto.

In the modern era, Urdu has been greatly influenced by English vocabulary, Urdu is the fifth spoken language in the world.  There are between 60 to 80 million Urdu speakers.

Urdu has about 35 letters, including 28 Arabic letters, 4 Persian letters, three Hindi letters, and two letters that are Arabic sounds.

The difference between Urdu and Indian

 The Urdu language we know now has its roots in the Turkish, Arabic and Persian languages, all of which came to India through trade and conquest.

 It has been given different names throughout its stages of development: Hindustani, Hindustani, Hindi, Urdu or Rekhta.

 This ancient Urdu language was not seen as a Muslim language, as it is now, but there was a class element: it was the language spoken by the elite of northern India, which also included Hindus.

 As for the Indian language, “Hindi” was a literary style that developed in the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century in what is now known as the state of Uttar Pradesh. This language arose from the same linguistic base as Urdu, but it was “keen to be different.”

 While written Urdu borrowed words primarily from Persian – the foreign language spoken by the medieval Indian elite – Hindi borrowed from Sanskrit, the language of ancient Hindu manuscripts.

  So, both languages ​​are based on a common grammatical base, but both Hindi and Urdu have woven different myths about their origins for political reasons.

Urdu penetrates many countries of the world; Especially Asia

As we mentioned previously, it is the fifth spoken language in the world, so let us get to know some of the Urdu speakers:

 1- In Pakistan;  This is mainly in several areas that are used by the residents of these areas, which are Hindiko, Barhari, and Saraiki. The residents of these cities are distinguished by the fact that they only know how to speak the Urdu language.

 2- South Asia, where there are many immigrants from the population for the purpose of work who speak the Urdu language.

 3-It is used in the United States, Australia, Norway, and Canada.

 4-Some residents of Catalonia speak it.

 5- Indians speak the Urdu language in many states, such as Delhi, Bombay, Patna, Moradabad, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, and countless other cities and states.

 6-Norway uses it in addition to its mother tongue.

 7-Bangladesh is also one of the countries that is distinguished by speaking this language.

 8- India in general, which comes in second place after Pakistan in speaking the Urdu language.

 9- Another country that speaks Urdu is Sweden.


Don’t you want to be one of those people? you can! And that is through Private Urdu Tutor in Ajman.

4 Reasons encourage you to register for Private Lessons in Urdu Language

– Strengthening empathy skills:

 Through private Urdu language tutors ;  You can learn about the customs and values ​​that belong to a different society.  This encourages you to think from a new perspective and increase cultural sensitivity.

 – Get health benefits :

 Slowing down the symptoms of dementia;  The brain can find completely new ways to process information using different receptors, and this helps protect its functions from atrophy.

 Academics call this “cognitive reserve.”

– Expand your understanding of the world:

 Each language has its own style, expressions, heritage and cultural references.

These features, new vocabulary and grammatical diversity arm those who take private lessons in Urdu Language with tools that will allow them to understand the world in entirely new ways.

– Multilingualism is associated with higher income:

 Many studies have shown that there is a relationship between multilingualism and the ability to earn money.  Learning more than one language increases the range of jobs accessible, because there are opportunities to find jobs in other countries. And all of that by private Urdu language Tutors.  Managers value multilingual skills because they are associated with strong communication skills, as well as the international mindset of someone who speaks more than one language. 

What about the Urdu language, which is spoken by more than 60 million people around the world?

Best Private Urdu Tutor in Ajman 

As a Private Urdu Tutor in Ajman, you must be successful and distinguished, even the best, and not a routine private teacher!

 This is done through a set of tips, here are some of them:

  1. Continuous training and development: Look for ongoing training opportunities and workshops in the field of education, where you will learn about the latest methods and techniques to provide private lessons in Urdu language in Ajman in a more effective way.
  2. Reading and research:

 As a Private Urdu Tutor in Ajman , you should read books and articles  in Urdu language.

  1. Participation in the educational community:

  Look for opportunities to join the education community and participate in forums and groups.

 You can connect with other teachers and exchange experiences and ideas.

  1. Take advantage of technology

As a Private Urdu Tutor in Ajman, you should use technology in teaching private lessons in Urdu language .  There are many websites, apps, and online educational tools that you can use to enhance the learning experience for students.

  1. Communicate with students and meet their needs

  Try to understand students’ needs and communicate with them effectively.

 Personal interaction, constructive feedback and individual guidance may be the foundation of your success as a private Urdu tutor in Ajman.

To get a better educational Journey  

Private Urdu Language tutors alone cann’t achieve the best results, even if they are the best ever!

Therefore, the students must unite with Private Urdu Language tutors in the educational journey to achieve the desired results, the Private Urdu Tutor in Ajman should perform some tasks to improve the educational process.  The student should also follow some tips, which are:

– The study materials must be read carefully.

– They do not miss their lessons.

– They align themselves with their Private Urdu language tutors .

-They begin to perform the tasks required of them whenever possible.

– They ask questions in order to understand more and be able to  private Urdu language tutors .

– They listen to the private Urdu language tutors attentively during private lessons in Urdu Language .

– They arrange their priorities well.

– They read books, articles and magazines specialized in the Urdu language.

-Be careful and organised.

By all of that; you can get A Journey of Learning Urdu with Enthusiasm and Uniqueness whether you are a student or a private Urdu tutor in Ajman.

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