IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia

The IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most important and powerful global tests to measure the extent of English language proficiency, whether for students wishing to study abroad or academic excellence in general, and even employees in various professional fields who wish to advance their careers.If you want to take IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia, you must know that this test is not like any other English language test. IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia  has a specific system that you must practice before taking the test. You must have noticed that many people take this test more than once. This does not necessarily mean that they are weak in the language, but mostly because they are unable to deal with the system of the IELTS test and the Structure of the IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia.

This test has certain standards and criteria, and it is divided into parts. Each part has its tricky questions, and the time period allotted for it, cannot be exceeded. Also, the type of questions and how they are narrated are often indirect, so you must be attentive.

Therefore, we believe that it is our duty here at to inform you of the most important features of this test, what is the structure of the IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia, how to deal with the test and how to practice for it, follow along with us.

Structure of the IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia

The the IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia, like the international IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia, is divided into four sections:

  • Listening:

The listening section consists of 4 parts, where you have to listen to a combination of conversations, audio texts, and audio recordings. 

There will be multiple choice questions, matching information, completing sentences, ordering of events, and other types of questions. This section focuses on your ability to understand information and details and extract key meanings.

  • Reading:

The reading section consists of 3 parts. You will be exposed to a range of written texts such as articles and extracts from books and magazines. You’ll face questions ranging from choosing between options, matching items, completing sentences, filling in the blanks, and more.

 The aim of this section is to measure your ability to read and understand written texts effectively and extract key information and important details.

  • Writing:

The writing section is divided into two tasks. In the first assignment, the writing task is usually an essay (report, description, or discussion) based on the text you present. You may be asked to develop your own arguments or discuss different viewpoints on a particular topic. 

In the second task, you will be given a topic or question and asked to write an essay of between 250 and 300 words. In this section, your ability to organize ideas, express them coherently and logically, and use vocabulary and grammar correctly is assessed.

  • Speaking:

The speech section consisted of an oral interview with an investigator. The section is divided into 3 parts. The first task is to have a general conversation about simple personal topics. 

The second task requires you to talk about a specific topic for two minutes. You are given time before you start to prepare and gather ideas. The third task is to discuss the topic determined by the investigator in the form of questions. Your ability to communicate fluently and clearly orally and use vocabulary and grammar correctly is assessed.

These are the four sections of the IELTS exam. You should prepare and practice each section separately to achieve the best results. IELTS focuses on your general language abilities and your ability to use English in everyday and academic life.

Therefore, these are some of the types of questions for each section you will find in the IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia:

  • Listening:

– Choice questions: You have to choose the correct answer from several options.

– Matching information: You are asked to match the information heard with graphs, pictures, or texts.

– Completing the sentences: You have to complete the missing sentences based on the information you listened to.

  • Reading:

– Choice questions: require choosing the correct answer from several options.

– Matching items: You must match the information read with corresponding lists or sections.

– Filling in the blanks: You must complete the blanks in the texts read using the appropriate words.

  • Writing:

– Task 1: You may be asked to write a report on the information provided, a description of a chart or graph, or a discussion on a specific topic.

– Task 2: You will be given a topic or question and asked to write an analytical or discussion article ranging between 250 and 300 words.

  • Speaking:

– Part 1: Concerns about simple personal topics such as hobbies, family, and work.

– Part 2: You are given a specific topic and asked to talk about it for two minutes. You are given time to prepare before starting.

– Part 3: Related to discussion and discussion of topics related to society, education, work, and technology.

These are just general examples of the types of questions you might encounter in each section. Question details and wording may vary between different tests. It is important to practice and practice a variety of questions to increase preparation and confidence before the exam.

Knowing that there are some slight differences between the two tests. Here are some of the main differences:

  • Test content: Test content in IELTS Saudi Arabia may be more focused on local or regional topics and issues.
  • Language used: IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia may use more formal or academic language than the international IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia.
  • Fees: The Saudi IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia fee is 1407 Saudi riyals, less than the international IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia fee of 225 US dollars.

Tips for Success in the IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia

Accordingly, these are some important tips for success in the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia:

  • Practice and exercise: Practice all sections of the test, including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Use available educational resources such as books, websites, and apps to practice and solve practical questions.
  • Understand the test requirements: Study the details of the test and become familiar with the question format and criteria used in the assessment. Make a plan for how to handle each section and distribute time appropriately.
  • See trending topics: Review trending topics that often appear in the Writing and Speech section. Read news, articles, and excerpts to increase your knowledge on a variety of topics.
  • Communication in English: Try to speak and write in English in your daily life as much as possible. This will help you improve your ability to express and understand vocabulary and grammar.
  • Time management: Try to distribute time appropriately during the test. Set a specific time for each part and try to stick to it. Don’t spend too much time on one question and be sure to move on to the next.
  • Focus on details: In the listening and reading sections, try to focus on important details and extract key information. Practice to improve your ability to comprehend and concentrate.
  • Check and review: Check and review your answers before submitting the test. Check for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.
  • Relaxation and self-confidence: Try to relax and be confident in yourself. Being well-prepared and confident in your language abilities may be key to passing the test.

Remember that good preparation and regular practice are the keys to success in IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work to improve them. 

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