Preparing for the Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE: How to Shine in the Interview

Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE is one of the four main sections in the general English language test for the IELTS system. The speaking section is classified as part of the oral exam, and it aims to assess the candidate’s abilities to verbally communicate fluently and understand normal conversations in English. In the UAE, the speaking section is conducted at the accredited IELTS test center, where a quiet and suitable environment is provided to conduct the conversation between the candidate and the examiner. The exam is administered by well-trained and highly qualified examiners. 

Elements of the Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE:

The Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE aims to assess the candidate’s skills in verbal communication in English and their ability to express their ideas and opinions clearly and fluently. It is important that the candidate practices normal conversations and communication in English before the exam. Additionally, the candidate can benefit from the available online educational resources and practice continuously to improve their conversation skills in English. The section consists of three main parts:

Part 1 – Introduction and Interview:

  •       The exam begins with an introduction where the candidate speaks about themselves and gets introduced to the exam. 
  •       The candidate is asked about familiar personal topics such as hobbies, study, and work.

Part 2 – Long Turn:

  •       The candidate receives a task card with a topic to speak about. 
  •       They are given a minute to prepare and take notes before speaking for 1-2 minutes about the topic.

Part 3 – Discussion:

  •       Questions related to the topic that the candidate spoke about in Part 2 are asked.
  •       This part aims to assess the candidate’s ability to discuss abstract ideas and advanced issues.

Speaking Questions in IELTS:

In the Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE, various questions are asked that aim to measure the candidate’s abilities to clearly express their ideas and understand different topics. Here are some examples of the types of questions that may be asked in each part of the section: 

Personal Questions:

  • Tell me about yourself. 
  • What are your favorite hobbies?
  • Do you prefer living in a city or the countryside?

Questions about Experience and Education:

  • Do you have any work experience?
  • Do you prefer studying abroad or in your home country? 
  • Do you think getting a university degree is important nowadays?

Questions about General Topics:

  • What do you think about modern technology?
  • Do you think travel broadens the mind? 
  • What is the most important factor in a successful person’s life in your opinion?

Questions about Opinions and Recommendations:

  • What do you think about imposing higher taxes on large corporations? 
  • What changes do you think should be made to the education system?
  • What advice would you give to young people looking for a job? 

Questions about Personal Choices:

  • Do you prefer living in a rural or urban area? Why?
  • Do you prefer traveling by plane or train? Why? 
  • Do you prefer working in a team or individually? Why?

These are just some examples of the types of questions you may encounter in the Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE. You need to be able to handle these questions and express your opinions and ideas clearly and fluently during the exam. You can improve your skills by practicing answering similar questions and enhancing your verbal communication abilities in English.

Evaluation Criteria for the Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE:

In the IELTS speaking section, applicants are evaluated based on several criteria. The exam aims to assess the speaker’s ability to communicate in English across a range of situations. Here are some of the key criteria for evaluating the speaking section:

Language and Pronunciation:

  •       Assess the speaker’s ability to use appropriate vocabulary and vary it.
  •       Determine clarity of pronunciation and language flow in expression.

Ability to Express Oneself:

  •       Evaluate the speaker’s ability to express ideas and opinions clearly and in an organized manner.
  •       Identify the speaker’s ability to apply advanced and appropriate language structures.

Communication Skills:

  •       Analyze the speaker’s ability to interact and communicate effectively with the examiner.
  •       Assess the speaker’s ability to appropriately respond to the examiner’s questions.

Thinking Skills:

  •       Analyze the speaker’s ability to think and speak logically about given topics.
  •       Evaluate the speaker’s ability to present reasoned arguments and opinions.

Effective Use of Topic and Time:

  •       Determine the speaker’s ability to effectively use the allotted time to speak about the given topic.
  •       Assess the ability to stay focused and express key ideas.

Responding to Tasks:

  •       Evaluate the speaker’s ability to fully and appropriately respond to exam tasks.
  •       Identify the extent to which the speaker understands examiner demands and responds accordingly.

These criteria reflect the main objectives of the speaking section in the UAE IELTS exam and help evaluate the speaker’s abilities comprehensively.

Speaking Practice for IELTS:

To practice and improve your abilities to succeed in the Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE, you can follow these steps:

Daily Practice:

Speak to yourself daily in English about different topics. You can talk about your day, experiences, news, or any topic you find important.

Record your voice:

Use an app to record your voice while speaking. Listen to the recording and analyze your performance to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Use Everyday Situations:

Turn everyday situations into practice opportunities, like asking for help in a store or speaking to friends in English.

Simulate the Exam:

Periodically simulate parts of the exam. Pick random topics and speak about them within the allotted time.

Learn Conversation Vocabulary:

Look up words and phrases commonly used in daily conversations and memorize them.

Join Discussion Groups or Speaking Lessons:

Look for online groups or speaking courses in your community where you can practice conversing with others.

Speak to Native Speakers:

Converse with people who speak English as their native language, whether online or in-person.

Prepare for Common Topics:

Read up on common IELTS topics and speak about them regularly to be ready for any topic that may appear on the exam.

Leverage Online Resources:

Use websites and instructional videos that provide tips and exercises to improve speaking skills.

Be Confident and Calm:

Remember that practice and preparation help build confidence. Maintain composure and enjoy the process of improving conversation skills. The Role of the Platform in Preparing for the Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE.

The platform plays an important role in preparing students for the speaking section of the IELTS exam by providing the necessary resources and practice. Here are some of the ways it can help you prepare for the speaking section:

Live Lessons:

The platform offers live online lessons where you can interact with the teacher in real-time. These lessons can involve discussions and actual practice of the types of questions you may encounter in the speaking section.

Educational Resources:

The platform provides comprehensive educational resources including sample questions, strategies, and tips for the speaking section. You can access study materials to help you understand the test requirements and improve your speaking skills.

Exercises and Practice:

The platform provides necessary exercises and practice to enhance your speaking abilities. You can engage in interactive conversations with the platform’s instructors or other students to practice actual exams and apply learned strategies.

Performance Evaluation:

The platform can provide an assessment of your performance in the speaking section and offer feedback and guidance to improve your abilities. This may be in the form of written evaluations or review sessions with instructors to discuss strengths, weaknesses and focus on developing necessary skills.

By leveraging the platform, instructor guidance, and available educational resources, you can improve your skills in the

Speaking Section in the IELTS Test in the UAE

and increase your chances of success on the IELTS. Regular practice and active communication in English outside of lessons is also advisable to reinforce speaking abilities.

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