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The IELTS exam is increasingly used as a benchmark for English proficiency by employers and universities in the UAE. in this article , we will talk about Strategies for Preparation and Training in Academic Writing Skills in the IELTS UAE

Academic Writing Skills in the IELTS UAE

are of utmost importance as the IELTS exam is now widely recognized as a measure of English proficiency by employers and universities in the UAE. Consequently, residents of the UAE must demonstrate strong Academic Writing Skills abilities to enhance their prospects of securing employment or pursuing higher education opportunities that demand advanced language skills. Nevertheless, mastering the specific academic writing conventions that yield high IELTS scores presents distinct challenges, even for proficient English speakers who have grown up within the educational system and sociocultural context of this region.

Writing in IELTS

The IELTS writing section evaluates a test taker’s ability to compose two well-structured essays within 60 minutes – an advanced skillset most UAE students have insufficient training for in local curriculums.

Task 1 involves analyzing a table, chart or graph representation of data and summarizing key information, patterns or trends in at least 150 words. Global average scores for Task 1 are band 6, indicating a good selection of data for review and clear outline of its significance, albeit with occasional linguistic errors.

Task 2 requires crafting a 250-word or more discursive essay developing an argument to address a broad issue or opinion. This demands higher order critique and evaluation. The global average of band 5.5 reflects essays with a central position and some supported discussion, but limited vocabulary or logical development of key points.

To achieve scores of band 7 (Very Good User) or above on either task, a candidate must utilize varied vocabulary and complex language structures to communicate concepts with precision, cohesion and fluency. Their Academic Writing Skills should exhibit good organizational flow with ideas critically analyzed from multiple perspectives.

IELTS Review

However, for UAE-educated English speakers, developing this level of strong academic writing presents steep hurdles at each stage of their learning journey.

In schools,

international curriculums prioritize content knowledge over language or creative output, providing limited writing tasks of paragraph length. The predominant passive learning culture focuses on textbook and exam repetition with minimal analytical insight or unique expressions expected in assignments.

Local universities

now utilize entrance exams like IELTS, but undergraduate programs similarly concentrate more on lecturing principles than applying critical thinking needed for persuasive and logical essay writing. Emirati students thus reach graduation age lacking sufficient training in composing well-argued or data-supported extended pieces in academic English. 

Moreover cultural influences regarding authority, saving face and group harmony engender tendencies counterproductive to scoring highly in IELTS writing tasks marked on reasoning, directness and individual voice. Candidates can therefore struggle formulating clear stances, delivering multifaceted arguments or articulating original viewpoints expected for top bands.

Challenges Faced by UAE Candidates

UAE residents aiming for top IELTS bands for writing face roadblocks throughout their academic journey from language exposure limitations in childhood to ingrained cultural perspectives. In public schools, there are few native English speaking teachers to model subject-specific high-level vocabulary, complex sentence structures and styles of academic argumentation. Local teaching predominantly focuses on textbook materials often with Arabic explanations rather than interactive discussions or analytical essays. Hence from a young age, skills gap emerges relative to global standards.

Furthermore in collectivist UAE society, openly debating, brainstorming ideas or questioning others’ views is less culturally encouraged. Such participation and critical thinking are central to scoring highly across IELTS writing criteria. Understandably for some UAE-raised test takers, producing forceful personal arguments or unique perspectives poses a challenge.

Lastly, examples of band 7+ IELTS academic essays are scarce in the everyday environment compared to native English-speaking contexts. Exposure during preparation to properly structured high scoring writing samples matching exam expectations is therefore limited. Without such models illustrating vocabulary use, idea development and analytical depth for emulation, subconsciously closing the gap is difficult.

In summary, UAE residents contend with less conducive conditions throughout life for attaining expertise in English academic writing conventions. But targeted supplemental IELTS training can strengthen weaknesses.

Examples in IELTS

The scarcity of strong examples of high scoring IELTS writing available regionally compounds these engrained barriers to students developing advanced English essay abilities aligned to global standards. Without effective models illustrating what Band 7+ writing looks like in structure, idea development, technical accuracy and vocabulary control, Emirati learners lack touches tones to internalize. They may comprehend principles but unconsciously emulate formats inadequate for demonstrating high competence to examiners.

Targeted exam preparation resources can bridge this gap. Exposure to successfully answered sample essays reflecting different topics, logical builds and lexical complexity allows intuitive absorption of conventions. Focused practice thereafter builds subconscious habits towards expert writing.

Strategies for building

academic writing skills in the IELTS UAE

Specialized courses, expert instructors and exam materials are resources overseas applicants leverage for IELTS Academic Writing Skills which UAE students now also require for success. The aim should be well-rounded development covering core aspects.

Vocabulary & Accuracy

To achieve lexical complexity and grammatical accuracy per IELTS criteria, dedicated vocabulary expansion and sentence structure practice are essential. For instance, daily word lists to memorize, quiz apps to reinforce retention along with grammar lesson revisions. Band 7 writing exhibits sophisticated and precise language control.

Analytical Techniques

Skill building should include reading high scoring sample essays to internalize organizational templates for analyzing charts or developing well-supported arguments. Useful too are mini practice tasks on graphs and article summaries to apply such analytical strategies. Enhancing how to comprehend and logically present ideas and relationships is vital.

Discussion & Critical Thinking

UAE society often discourages openly contradicting others whereas top-grade IELTS writing demands doing so diplomatically. Hence focused training in perspective-taking, debate routines and questioning assumptions helps develop flexibility expressing different viewpoints. Building cultural awareness and English confidence to articulate personal thoughts aids improvement.

In essence, a multifaceted development program tailored to local needs gives UAE IELTS aspirants the best opportunity to master academic writing abilities on par with native speakers. Expert instructors versed in barriers outlined can morph weaknesses into strengths through these targeted interventions for higher bands.

The role of Elmadrasah.com in improving

academic writing skills in the IELTS UAE?

Elmadrasah.com platform plays a significant role in improving academic writing skills for the IELTS exam. The platform offers specialized courses and training programs designed to enhance students’ writing abilities specifically for the IELTS exam. Here are some ways Elmadrasah.com contributes to improving academic writing skills for the IELTS exam:

  1. Comprehensive Writing Modules:

    Elmadrasah.com provides comprehensive Academic Writing Skills modules that cover all aspects of academic writing required for the IELTS exam. These modules focus on various types of writing tasks, such as essays, reports, and letters, and provide guidance on structure, coherence, and vocabulary usage.

  2. Expert Guidance:

    The platform offers instruction from experienced instructors who are well-versed in the requirements and expectations of the IELTS exam. These instructors provide valuable feedback and guidance to help students improve their writing skills and meet the specific criteria of the IELTS writing tasks.

  3. Practice Exercises and Sample Essays:

    Elmadrasah.com offers practice exercises and sample essays to help students develop their writing skills. These resources allow students to practice different writing tasks and familiarize themselves with the appropriate Academic Writing Skills style and language for the IELTS exam.

  4. Personalized Feedback:

    Students can submit their Academic Writing Skills tasks for evaluation and receive personalized feedback from instructors. This feedback helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses and provides specific suggestions for improvement.

  5. Time Management Strategies:

    Elmadrasah.com also focuses on teaching effective time management strategies for the Academic Writing Skills section of the IELTS exam. Students learn how to plan their writing, allocate time for each task, and organize their thoughts to maximize their productivity during the exam.

  6. Exam Strategies and Tips:

    The platform provides valuable exam strategies and tips specifically tailored to the IELTS Academic Writing Skills section. These strategies help students understand the assessment criteria, manage their time effectively, and structure their responses to meet the requirements of the exam.

Overall, Elmadrasah.com offers a comprehensive and targeted approach to improving

academic writing skills for the IELTS UAE exam

. Through its specialized courses, expert guidance, practice exercises, and personalized feedback, the platform equips students with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in the Academic Writing Skills section of the IELTS exam.

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