Private lessons in UAE: Arabic language teaching solutions tailored to every student

The learning process is considered one of the most important processes carried out by humans. Education has become a symbol of the development of the state and civilization, and it is one of the most important reasons for progress in all fields. Education was not previously available to everyone, and not everyone was aware of its importance, so in this article we will explain the role of learning and its importance in our lives, and from here we will talk about teaching methods and private lessons in UAE and how you can learn and master the Arabic language.

Why do we learn?

We are all aware that academic education is an essential part of most people’s lives, and it is not a luxury in reality, but rather one of the basics and necessities that we often cannot live without, or our lives will remain stagnant without the ability to keep up with the developments around us.

You may have asked yourself many times why you learned a certain piece of information, a certain lesson, or even a certain subject. What will I benefit from when learning a subject such as the Arabic language, for example, especially if it is not the original language for you? You will not need it in your daily life, as you do not use it. .

This is why most people invest their lives in learning everything that is useful and beneficial to them, and this phenomenon is somehow new in this era of humanity advancement, from here we get to know the fact of the necessity of the education leading to the focus on teaching, starting from teaching materials and methods, best ways to deliver the academic information more practically, as considering it as a specialised approach rather than something general or something that can be used in our daily lives. Besides of the fundamental importance in your daily life  if you managed to practice it continuously, for example at work or in social life.

In addition, learning languages has many benefits for mental health, including:

  • Activating the mind: It is known that people who are fluent in more than one language have high mental abilities. This is because learning languages helps improve intelligence in addition to improving memory and the linguistic aspect. It also helps enhance the process of thinking, logical analysis, and flexibility of the mind by activating certain parts of the brain. Many scientists have been able to link IQ to learning languages.

Studies have shown that learning a new language can raise your IQ by up to four levels. It has been found that people who are fluent in more than one language have a higher IQ than others who only speak one language. Given the difficulty of the Arabic language, you will find it easier over time especially while getting private lessons in UAE. It will make it easier for you to learn other languages because of its unique phonetic system and many rules of grammar and morphology.

  • Getting to know a different culture: To learn a language, you must learn the culture first. The culture of the Arabic language and its cultural heritage are diverse and rich in landmarks and manifestations of civilization, in addition to the customs and traditions of different people. This must arouse your curiosity and will make it easier for you to learn the Arabic language by searching for what is distinctive about it.
  • Communication: Learning languages is one of the essential skills if you want to create a social circle of people from different countries. If you are interested in forming friendships and relationships with people who speak other languages, this will be an excellent addition to your knowledge.
  • Expanding perceptions and horizons: When you learn a new language, you are then dealing with a new thought, with a different way of life, with a different way of thinking with different customs and traditions. All of this helps you not only to train your mind on new things, but it also helps you to expand your awareness of this life and everything in it. Not to mention how much fun you will have during your learning journey, especially if you love learning about new and different cultures.
  • Opening the door to multiple opportunities: When you learn a new language, it opens up an opportunity for you in everything related to that language, starting with the entertainment aspect, such as watching movies, series, and anything in Arabic, passing through the social aspect, such as communicating with people who speak Arabic and building a new circle of relationships from Arabic speakers Language

It could be even the professional or academic aspect, where you can work in any job or country that speaks this language as its original language, or even search for sources, books or multimedia in this language, especially in fields in which the Arabic language is prominent, whatever your scientific field, in addition to travel. Migration to and from countries that speak this language, whether for the purpose of tourism, entertainment, education, or even work.

There are many other benefits of learning languages, such as stimulating and improving your communication skills, activating the brain, emotional intelligence, and others. Therefore, you will certainly find yourself a different person whenever you learn a new language, apart from the academic aspect or academic importance only.

Teaching methods

Teaching Methods are simply the methods and techniques used in the process of teaching students or the learning process, which is the process of transferring knowledge from the teacher to the students. Teaching Methods vary depending on the subject and the teacher as well. Every teacher has a different way of using Teaching methods to facilitate the delivery of information to the student. Likewise, Teaching methods It also changes according to the student, as each student has a different way of thinking, as it is possible that there are some teaching methods that one student understands and another student does not understand, so only a successful teacher is the one who knows how to adapt the different teaching methods according to each student, so that he is proficient in more than one. From the method.

Teaching methods have developed greatly as a result of the modern technological boom. In the past, only paper sources were used, and you often need to search for these sources in libraries in various places and even in other countries to find what you are looking for, and all of this certainly takes a lot of time and effort. It may frustrate anyone and make them stop midway, not to mention traditional theoretical educational methods that often relied on indoctrination or memorization in theory without the use of practical experience or observation.

Which makes the teaching process arduous, tiring, and long. Hence, thanks to the technological development we have achieved, it has become possible for you to access any reference or educational source you want while at home without the need to expend time and effort searching for it, which has contributed to facilitating both education and teaching. That is, not only students are able to search for different teaching sources that suit them, but also teachers are able to find references and sources that will help them facilitate the delivery of information, in addition to allowing other teachers to see different and new teaching methods and methods that the teacher can use in his class, if As a teacher, you must also realise how important teaching methods are while giving students private lessons in UAE.

Objectives of teaching methods

As we mentioned about the importance of teaching methods and their role in improving not only students’ skills but also the competence of teachers, through the diverse content that they present and that the teacher can benefit from, as for the objectives of teaching methods, they are extremely important and among the most important objectives are:

  • Facilitating the learning process for both the student and the teacher: by facilitating the delivery of information to students in different and distinctive ways, and facilitating the learning process for the teacher by giving him the tools and methods that help him explain the lesson in innovative ways.
  • Adding diversity and innovation: The main goal of teaching methods is to reach appropriate teaching methods to explain the lesson, and this can be in more than one way, and this diversity is also required so that the student does not get bored.
  • Motivating students: It is important that the teaching methods provided are entertaining and enjoyable in order to encourage and motivate students to learn without getting under the pressure of more subjects or the Arabic language being difficult. The Teaching methods must be entertaining and exciting for them to love the subject and thus improve their performance in it.
  • Forming teaching materials based on the student’s needs: Most students often face a problem in the material or in a particular lesson, or they may have a problem in the method of explanation, so it is important that the teaching methods used are directed based on the gaps or weak points. On the student, or knowing the way the student understands its use, all of this is very important to know the appropriate teaching methods for each student in the subject.

These are some of the main goals of teaching methods in private lessons in UAE in general, but it is also important to note that teaching methods have undergone new developments and updates in our current era.

Modern Teaching methods

The use of teaching methods is something that humans have been using for many decades. Our minds cannot learn something easily, especially if it requires effort and a long time. Therefore,teaching methods are used in private lessons in UAE, such as direct practical experiences, to stimulate visual memory and better understanding.

But other than scientific experiments, it is not easy to do them anywhere. Firstly, in private lessons in UAE previously, and secondly, it requires some specific conditions and elements to carry out, and thirdly, which is the most important, which is that scientific experiments are difficult to apply in most subjects, for example in the Arabic language subject, so that you can In the past, to learn a language you had to either study it traditionally from books or talk to speakers of this language, but not all people had the ability to deal with people from other countries.

Here comes the role of technology, which played the largest role in the emergence of modern teaching methods, which greatly helped in facilitating the learning process.

How did modern educational methods help improve the learning process?

Technology and the Internet in particular are considered among the most important human achievements in our current era. They have contributed to creating a progressive boom in all fields without exception, the most important and prominent of which is the educational field, and among the most important modern educational methods that have contributed to improving the learning process, especially in private lessons in UAE in the Arabic language:

  • Smart applications: which help students train their skills at a specific point or in a specific skill. For example, there are applications specialized in pronunciation of letters and sounds, which are responsible for training your reading, so you can listen to the pronunciation correctly and then practice it, and some applications allow you to evaluate your performance. Or whether you can pronounce it correctly and what are the ways you can practice it.

There are also other applications that train you through tests and questions. They give you a set of questions to answer in the Arabic language. Some of them help you practice solving questions, some of them identify your weak points that you still need to work on, and many other applications that focus on other skills. In the Arabic language, this gives you many more choices, which makes learning more fun and different.

  • Online educational programs: You can see different educational resources through videos on social networking sites for different teachers, in addition to online private lessons in which they use various educational methods. They are distinguished by the fact that you can attend them from anywhere and you will not even need to leave your home, and they are suitable for your schedule as well.
  • Media: In the past, it was difficult for people who were learning a language to learn it due to the lack of an interactive environment to practice the language in. However, thanks to the means of communication and other modern technologies, it has allowed easy access to people from all over the world, regardless of their languages.

In addition to openness to other cultures, other cultures have become familiar to us and there are even many who are interested in knowing the culture and from it they learn the language, and all of this facilitates the learning process and makes it more interesting.

In this regard, we recommend to you, the first platform for private lessons in UAE, the strongest in the Middle East. is the first platform for private lessons in UAE

The platform is the leading teaching platform for private lessons in UAE and the Middle East. This is because we seek to provide the best and distinctive educational experience for students, through which we ensure student empowerment in the Arabic language. provides qualified Arabic-speaking teachers who have experience in teaching the Arabic language using the means Modern education, through:

  • Focus on the four language skills equally or according to what suits the student and his needs. Part of the class is allocated to training on each skill separately, such as oral conversation, pronunciation, sounds, writing, and reading, in addition to listening.
  • It is known in private lessons in UAE and in general that private lessons in the past used to put excessive pressure on students, especially when they were unable to obtain higher grades even after working more, and this often led to students becoming frustrated and losing their passion. Therefore, we use modern and diverse educational methods to bring some kind of change so that Students do not get bored and at the same time enjoy the educational process.
  • Training on sounds and pronunciation of letters continuously and in different ways.
  • The student must be aware of his current level and how he is working to improve it. This is why we use assessment and performance tests on a permanent basis, to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on them.
  • Because we know that every student has his own way of understanding, we make a great effort to use various educational plans that suit all levels of the Arabic language, which are based on the student himself and the method that suits him.
  • Interactive applications are considered one of the most important educational methods and methods that is interested in in private lessons in UAE, because they help stimulate the mind and effective listening in addition to building a positive relationship between the teacher and the student and supporting effective discussion to encourage the student to speak with greater confidence.

How do I become an Arabic teacher?

It is obvious to think of private lessons in UAE as something easy given the country that speaks Arabic as its first language. However, the Arabic language is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, regardless of whether Arabic is your mother tongue or not. Academically, the Arabic language is still one of the most difficult languages to learn and teach. Therefore, in order to become an Arabic language teacher, you must possess some qualifications, including:

  • Academic qualifications: Just because you speak Arabic does not qualify you to be an Arabic language teacher. You must be aware of all branches of the language and how to teach it, meaning more precisely that it is your field of study, in addition to a certificate or something that officially proves that you are in this field.
  • Continuous learning: As a teacher, you need to study the subject you specialize in more than the students themselves. You must be familiar with all aspects of this subject, and be aware of everything new in the subject, and the different and modern educational methods in teaching it, which means that knowledge, learning, and research must be Something essential to you.
  • Experience: Well, being a teacher, you must have experience in teaching before offering private lessons in UAE so that you acquire the necessary skills in dealing with students, understanding their needs, how to reach them, and creating a language of communication between them. You will also be familiar with and proficient in various ways of teaching the language, which will facilitate the task of teaching for you with time and the ease of conveying information. For students, if you are new, you can start by working under training or even experimenting with those around you or in your environment.
  • Professional development: Cognitive development is considered very important in the subject, but professional development is also no less important, and this is through training workshops and educational courses. The teacher must also undergo training courses on a permanent basis, not only the student, so that he learns more about the language and how to teach it using modern methods. And simplify it for students.
  • Professional teaching license: This is the license that a teacher must obtain to practice the teaching profession, such as private lessons in UAE. Any teacher needs this license to prove that he works as a teacher, and this license shows whether the teacher possesses the educational standards required in the Emirates, so teachers must seek training. To obtain it and pass its test.

How does help guide teachers on their professional path?

This is why provides educational and professional consulting services for teachers seeking to obtain this license, through a group of experienced and knowledgeable teachers and consultants to help direct and advise teachers during their professional path and during their period of preparation for obtaining this license.

Teaching methods in preparation courses for licensing educational professions vary and include a set of innovative and interactive educational methods such as lectures, group discussions, practical training, and interactive activities. They vary based on the needs of the participants and the nature of the topics concerned to achieve a comprehensive and useful educational experience for teachers. platform guarantees you the latest curricula and methods in teaching, which ensures the quality and effectiveness of your learning. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply for the preparatory course to pass the educational professions license.

Is online teaching profitable?

Online teaching in private lessons in UAE is considered one of the most important technological phenomena that has emerged in our current era, and it has helped to greatly facilitate the educational process, especially for the teacher, by:

  • Ease of communicating with students without having to leave the house.
  • Saving time and effort in preparing for lessons, in addition to that you will not need to waste time searching for a physical place, which also saves money.
  • Providing various entertaining educational means and delivering information through entertaining educational means. It may be easy for you to add some entertaining applications such as games, songs, and interactive exercises to make the class enjoyable and unique, which will better motivate the students.
  • It allows more time for the teacher to better prepare for the lesson and for the student as well.
  • Appointments are flexible for both the student and the teacher to choose and organize appointments according to your own schedule., the first platform for private lessons in UAE, will help you know where to start and what are the best ways to become a successful and distinguished Arabic language teacher, and improve your professional, educational and vocational skills.

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