Helping mothers manage attention difficulties in children

Many parents want to give their kids the finest care and attention possible, but what happens when your kid has attention issues? It can be stressful, but you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll find some ways to help moms deal with these difficulties while also supporting their children.

Attention difficulties in children

There is more than one reason that leads to attention deficit and affects the child’s ability to learn. When the child suffers from a lack of focus and attention, it is difficult for him to quickly absorb the study materials and sit for a long time in the classroom.

It may also lead to disturbances in the child’s behavior, such as impulsiveness and the inability to sit in one place for a long time, and this negatively affects the focus and attention that are essential to achieving success in learning.

Therefore, it is important to work on improving the child’s response and motivating him to focus.

Managing attention difficulties

Diagnosis of attention deficit

When Managing attention difficulties in the beginning, attention deficit must be diagnosed, as it is not possible to differentiate between normal attention difficulties and the disorders that cause them until an early diagnosis is made.

  • It is recommended to have regular medical check-ups for children who have attention and concentration difficulties.
  • Watch out for signs of possible disorders, such as children who have difficulty learning and speaking, or changes in behavior or mood.

Therapists and doctors can determine the most appropriate method for treating disorders, and thus help children overcome difficulties in children’s attention and concentration. Parents should support their children and help them obtain the necessary early diagnosis and appropriate treatment to achieve the best results.

The mother’s role in the treatment of attention difficulties in children

Focus and attention are among the basic skills that children need in developing their daily lives, and they have a great impact on their ability to learn and comprehend.

Therefore, mothers must participate in Managing attention difficulties and developing children’s concentration skills, through several techniques such as:

  • Pay attention to signs of attention difficulties in a children

The attention deficit in school and daily activities indicates problems in his mental and physical health, and one of the most important of these signs:

  • The child’s inability to pay attention to details and difficulty concentrating.
  • Also making careless mistakes in schoolwork.
  • In children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the problem is usually discovered by the mother after the child enrolls in school when signs of learning difficulties appear.

Therefore, mothers should pay attention to the signs and good monitoring of their child’s health, in cooperation with doctors and specialists, and identifying the attention deficit at an early stage can help the child obtain the necessary treatment and care in a timely manner.

  • Identify activities that improve the child’s ability to focus

Identifying activities that improve the child’s ability to focus and pay attention is an important matter in managing attention difficulties that mothers should pay attention to.

If children face Attention difficulties in children, it can be helped to improve their abilities in this aspect through some recreational activities that stimulate their mental activity, such as playing memory games and candy, solving mental problems, and sports activity that stimulates the brain and improves the ability to focus and attention.

  • Developing the skills of expressing feelings among adolescents

Developing the skills of expressing feelings among adolescents is one of the important things that mothers must take into account, as they often get confused in expressing their feelings and dealing with them in a correct manner.

To achieve this, mothers can help their children by encouraging them to talk about their feelings and learn how to interact with them. They should also teach the child to express what he feels open and not to use violence or threats to deal with these feelings.

It is based on developing the skills of expressing feelings, and effective communication between the child and the mother, so that the child feels understood and heard and can express what he feels.

  • Planning graded exercises to treat attention and concentration difficulties

Exercises to improve Attention difficulties in children and focus are important steps in addressing this condition.

Experts plan step-by-step exercises to help improve attention and focus in children and improve cognitive and language skills. Through these exercises, children can learn how to identify different challenges that can hinder their focus and how to deal with them effectively.

Under the supervision of a speech therapist and skills development specialist, the exercises that suit each child are determined individually. These exercises include enhancing attention and concentration abilities, improving memory, positive thinking, and communication, and this process is constantly continuing to achieve better results.

  • Use praise and gentle compliments to encourage the child

One of the effective ways to manage attention difficulties is to encourage the child to focus. Gentle praise and words of encouragement help the child feel confident in himself and enhance his attention and interest in his academic tasks. Praise phrases can be associated with the child’s small achievements, such as completing a task without supervision, or obtaining a good mark in a specific subject.

The mother can also make efforts to motivate the child to follow up on his tasks and strive towards improving his performance. For example, the mother can ask her child to plan recreational activities by himself and provide the necessary assistance for him to implement them.

  • Talk positively with children

It is one of the important methods that parents follow to raise their children properly and overcome the difficulties of Attention difficulties in children. When the positive tone of voice excels in speaking with the child, the child feels the attention and support of the parents, and turns into a child full of self-confidence and is able to overcome any problem he faces.

Therefore, it is possible to encourage the child to achieve goals and successes, and not to criticize or criticize negatively, but rather to pay attention to the positive aspects of the child’s behavior, and to facilitate the way to achieve progress and improvement in his behavior and performance in the study, by applying positive methods in talking with him.

  • Setting goals and helping to reach them

Setting goals and helping children reach them is important to help them overcome attention deficit and focus difficulties in children.

Of course, these goals must be realistic, achievable, and commensurate with the child’s individual abilities and inclinations. These goals can also be set in cooperation with the child and give him the opportunity to express his views and preferences, and then help him develop a plan to achieve these goals. He can also be motivated by giving him a simple reward when achieving his goals.

  • Instruct children to benefit from good sleep and a healthy diet to improve their overall health

Improving diet and sleep to improve general health helps relieve Attention difficulties in children, and since children with ADHD may have difficulties concentrating, eating a balanced diet rich in proteins and other nutrients can positively affect the child’s ability to achieve in school.  And the regulation of emotions.

Good sleep is also essential for overall health, so mothers should help the child establish a daily routine for sleeping and ensure that there is an atmosphere of calm and comfort before going to bed.

  • The importance of a mother talking to her child about his difficulties

An important aspect of managing attention difficulties that mothers should consider is talking to their children about their difficulties with focus, attention, and behavior.

This conversation helps the child realize his feelings and problems, and the mother can provide the necessary support for the child and help him overcome these difficulties.

Talking can also enhance the relationship of trust and respect between the mother and the child, enhance the child’s self-confidence and encourage him to continue efforts to improve his ability to focus and pay attention.

The mother can share ideas and strategies with the child to deal with these difficulties, and this can be beneficial for both of them in managing the condition.

Cognitive behavioral therapy to help control Attention difficulties in children

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective way to manage attention difficulties in children to help the child control hyperactivity and attention deficit, and it helps the child learn how to focus and control himself.

Behavioral therapy also provides support for children’s caregivers and is a form of treatment to help manage attention difficulties. It is worth noting that behavioral therapy does not replace pharmacological treatment, but rather complements its role in treating the disorder, and it should be resorted to in an integrated manner with pharmacological treatment at some times, in addition to the support provided by mothers, as we talked about in the previous paragraphs, about developing concentration skills in children who  Help them interact in a positive way with the outside world and increase their ability to learn and excel in their lives.

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