How Does Platform Provide Ongoing Support for Students in the IELTS Exam in Saudi Arabia?

The IELTS exam the abbreviation for (International English Language Testing System), is a widely recognized international English language evaluation test. Therefore, it is approved in most government institutions in the event of immigration to live or study in a country whose mother tongue is English, which is many countries.

The IELTS test is not only approved for those whose mother tongue is different, but even for speakers of English as their native language. When applying for certain jobs or even being promoted to certain positions, you find that this test is required to measure the extent of the ability to use the correct language.

But in this article, we will focus on studying IELTS in countries whose mother tongue is other than English, and among these countries is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose mother tongue is Arabic.

Especially because the IELTS exam is very common in Saudi Arabia, we will mention the most important points you need and the role of the platform. To provide adequate support to students during their journey to pass the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia, keep up.

Preparatory courses for the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia

The IELTS exam is considered one of the most difficult English language assessment tests in the world due to its high standards and requirements.

Therefore, it is approved in embassies, consulates, and government institutions in various parts of the world, in the case of immigration, study, or work. It has a strict system, especially the time factor. You must pay close attention to time.

The IELTS test takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. IELTS is divided into four main sections to assess the four basic English language skills. These sections are:

  • Reading section: Requires the candidate to read academic or general articles and answer questions related to them. The section aims to evaluate the candidate’s ability to understand and analyze texts in English.
  • Writing section: Requires the candidate to write an academic essay or dissertation within a specific framework. The candidate’s ability to express in a logical and organized manner and to use the English language correctly and effectively is evaluated.
  • Listening section: It requires the candidate to listen to various audio recordings and answer questions related to them. The section aims to evaluate the candidate’s ability to absorb and understand conversations and lectures in English.
  • Speaking Section: The candidate is required to conduct a personal interview with a certified English language examiner. The candidate’s ability to express his or her thoughts and participate in a discussion with the investigator is evaluated.

The four sections are rated on a scale from 1 to 9, where 9 is considered the professional level of English and 1 is the lowest level. The candidate’s overall score is calculated based on the final sum of scores in the four sections.

Therefore, helps you to prepare and practice fully for all sections, in addition to the time factor because it is the most important in this test, by:

  • Providing individual online courses for students to practice in all sections, with a specialist to guide and direct you during your preparation for the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia on how to deal with the test.
  • Providing a private coach for each student and following up with him during the preparation period for the  IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia.
  • Providing the educational resources students need, in various skills.
  • Practice previous tests to break the barrier of fear of the test and practice the time, different questions, and the correct way to answer them.
  • Focusing on the four basic skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking, is equally important.
  • Providing an effective, balanced environment for communication between students and teachers, means that the student does not feel stressed and interacts with the teacher and inquires about everything he needs to know.
  • Continuously evaluate the student’s performance and make him aware of the basic points he needs to focus on.
  • Using different and modern methods to provide information to students. platform is interested in qualifying students to pass the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia at the highest level of proficiency, and providing everything they need through continuous training and using the latest effective methods and means to deliver information.

This is because we are the first Arab platform for training students to pass the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia, with a group of teachers with experience in the field and specialists in different academic subjects who will help you in the event of any obstacle, and you can follow their pages in which you will find a lot of benefit as a reference for you.

Success in the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia

The IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia is considered to be of great importance in the country as the English language is the most widely spoken in the world, and therefore it has great importance in the labor market and study, in the case of traveling abroad or even career advancement.

You will find that senior positions must be filled by someone who can use the English language fluently, especially in Saudi Arabia, where there are many international companies, so many clients communicate in English, or even in the academic field, you must be familiar with all sources and references in Your field.

Even students, in many cases, study some subjects and some specializations in English, in addition to the fact that most of the references that are present mostly use the English language, so it is easy to obtain information in this language, which will help you in your studies.

Here we will mention some of the most important tips you need to pass the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia:

  • Practice and prepare: Practice each section of the test and become familiar with its structure and the types of questions to expect. Use resources such as past test books and online learning materials to prepare well.
  • Timing: Practice similar tests on time to get a clear idea of how to manage time. Set a specific period for each section and try to stick to it during training.
  • Focus on Vocabulary and Grammar: Enhance your English skills by expanding your vocabulary and understanding of grammar and morphology. Practice using them in reading, writing, and speaking to boost your confidence in the language.
  • Active Listening: Practice active listening to English conversations and lectures. Get used to the voice and tone and try to understand the general meaning and important details.
  • Conversation Practice: Practice English conversation with English-speaking friends or coaches. Speak regularly and try to use appropriate vocabulary and expressions.
  • Diverse reading and writing: Read various articles and materials in English to improve your reading ability and increase your vocabulary. Practice writing essays and letters within a specific time frame to improve your writing skills.
  • Relax and be confident: Before the test, try to relax and be confident in your abilities. Practice deep breathing techniques and imagine yourself passing the test.
  • Read the test instructions carefully: Before starting each section, read the test instructions carefully and make sure you understand them correctly. Follow the instructions and make sure you adhere to the specified requirements.

In the end, the decision to take the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia may not be easy, as it requires many skills and focus on more than one thing at the same time, and they often get frustrated halfway through.

So remember that it is not difficult as long as you continue and persevere, so do not stop trying, no matter how tired you are. Rest assured that we at will provide you with everything you need to pass the IELTS exam in Saudi Arabia, so contact us.

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