Dealing with Attention Difficulties: Strategies & Tips.

A lot of parents are suffering from attention difficulties in their children. These symptoms of this problem may appear as attention difficulties in the classroom, taking much more time doing his homework, or not having the ability to join his friends in their plays in some cases. This type of child needs special strategies and behavioral therapy, to achieve their best results on the academic, and social levels. In this article, we will discuss attention difficulties, attention difficulties treatment, and some tips and strategies to deal with attention difficulties in children.

What are the attention difficulties problems?

Attention difficulties problems are part of Attention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). Attention difficulties appear as inattention, easy distraction, inability to do the required work, attention difficulties in the classroom, and inability to do strong mental activities. Some children may have the attention difficulties type of ADHD only, or have the hyperactivity type, or may have both of them.

How can l know if my child has attention difficulties or not?

Attention difficulties can be diagnosed by psychologists by the observation of some behavioral abnormalities. The CDC has determined some behavioral abnormalities to be the signs of the attention difficulties type of ADHD. The child may be diagnosed with the attention difficulties type of ADHD syndrome if he is under 16 years old, and has 6 or more of these abnormalities for 6 consecutive months, or if he is 16 years old or more, and has 5 or more of these abnormalities for 6 consecutive months. These abnormalities are as follows:

  1. Attention difficulties especially appear as attention difficulties in the classroom, easy distraction, and could not pay attention when spoken to.
  2. Inability or dislike to perform long mental activities, like doing homework or working on school projects.
  3. Inability to perform the same activity for a long time.
  4. Disorganization
  5. Forgetfulness, and loses his belongings usually.
  6. Does not pay attention to close details.
  7. Makes careless mistakes due to inattention.
  8. Can not listen to others for a long time, and may interrupt others while they are speaking.
  9. Does not like complying with the rules.

Attention difficulties treatment

Attention difficulties cases have to get a strong observation from psychologists to get the required treatment. Attention difficulties treatment can be of two types, behavioral, and medicinal type. The type of attention difficulties treatment will be determined by the psychologist based on the age, and the severity of the case.

Attention difficulties treatment with behavioral therapy

Treating attention difficulties with behavioral therapy in children less than 12 years old needs a lot of cooperation between parents and psychologists to obtain the best results. The CDC advises parents of children with attention difficulties to take training courses on behavioral therapy to help in the behavioral modification of their children, and help them to achieve the best academic and social levels.

Some tips and advice for the parents 

Attention difficulties problems require strong observation, and careful attention from the parents, accomplished with good follow-up with the psychologist to observe the development of the case. We will give you some advice to help you to follow your child’s case:

  •  Good education about your child’s case especially, and the attention difficulties problems in general and reading attention difficulties books to know how to deal well with your child’s case.
  • Be patient, as your child may not follow your rules quickly, so you have to be so patient to achieve good results in his training journey.
  • Get the required courses and training sessions to help you in the behavioral treatment of your child.

Following these tips may help you achieve some development at the social and academic levels of your child.

Strategies for the parents on the behavioral treatment of attention difficulties

Attention difficulties treatment needs a lot of cooperation between parents, schools, and psychologists to achieve good progress. There are some strategies that have been mentioned in the attention difficulties books, and research to help your child, some of these strategies are as follows:

  • Divide the task you need him to finish into several subtasks. You can divide the homework for example into the homework for different subjects, then into the homework for the different lessons.
  • Set a daily routine for the tasks that need to be finished every day. You should begin making the daily routine with one task and then increase the tasks gradually.
  • Use planners usually to help your child follow his tasks and the skills he has learned every day.
  • Stay away from any distractions while finishing your tasks. You should close the television, and stay away from others while finishing homework or studying, or doing any important task.

Attention difficulties need a lot of work from the parents by taking courses and reading attention difficulties books. It also needs continuous follow-up with the psychiatrist, and cooperation with him to achieve the best results on the academic and social levels. academy offers you online family counseling sessions to assist your way in treating attention difficulties. Our sessions and courses are given by a group of Psychological consultants, and all our consultations are kept secret. Our courses and consultations can help you get the best way to deal with your child, and achieve a good educational and social level.

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