Online private college lessons

A category of online university tutoring has been created within the courses and lessons offered by to meet the needs of university students, whether to bridge the gaps with the educational environment and enhance skills or to prepare the student for the labor market according to a comprehensive vision supervised by the professors and lecturers with the qualifications, practical and academic experience along with ensuring that the student's skills match the requirements of the labor market.


Advantages of Online private college lessons

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    100% online training course

    Individually interactive sessions to ensure the quality of the student's educational experience via the ZOOM app.

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    A course designed for you

    Customizing university tutoring according to the student’s specialization and selection of the course or skill that he needs to improve or deepen in.

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    Appointments are allocated according to the appropriate student schedule (morning/evening appointments).

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    Advanced courses

    Providing students with the necessary educational means to ensure the refinement of their skills and the application of the information covered during university tutoring sessions.

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