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Private tutoring is a recognised profession since a long time ago, plenty of children were going to private tutors, even before education became common.

But nowadays, since the technological improvements hit the world, nothing became as before in all the fields that are known, especially education.

For studying, students are now able to study anything anywhere anytime, and they have access to a huge amount of sources and information with just a click of a button.

Then the teachers who are now different from before, as the students, have the ability to do their meetings online without going out of their rooms.

Besides the improvements that these technological developments allowed, whether it was for the methods; the usage of more creative ways to explain the information, more interactive, and more comprehensive, to allow the methods to be more related to each student.

Then the tools and the sources, most of the methods are requiring technological interference, whether we are adding videos or photos, or even audio media.

And since our brain becomes more attentive with the visual media or audio than with the traditional board writing and text reading methods.

So, they are more effective and allow better understanding and focus on the subject matter.

And the curriculums that are developing now according to these technological improvements, and using different ways to present this curriculum.

Advantages of private tutoring:

  • The attention

The more the number of students decreases the more attention they will get from the tutor.

And this gives the students a better understanding and allows the student to be more focused and less distracted.

  • The interaction

The interaction in the private tutoring sessions is considered high compared with that in the class, and that’s due to the small number also.

which allows the student to be more interactive with the teacher, and can communicate easier, and have a better quality connection.

  • flexibility

And it means that both the student and the tutor have the ability to choose the times and the place they would like to meet, which works well with their busy schedules.

  • The adaptive methods

In private tutoring sessions, the tutors do their best to create methods that suit the students, and these methods must be easily understood by these students.

  • Better performance

And all of that leads the students to better understand the information, use it, and how to apply it, and as a result a better performance in general.

What is private tutoring?

Private tutoring is simply when a teacher gathers with a student or small group of students, probably outside the school.

The tutor is usually outside of the school’s teachers’ zone and explains mostly repeated information, which means that this information probably was explained before, but the student couldn’t get it.

And that’s probably the most frequent reason why students tend to take private tutoring.

Sometimes the student can’t understand the way the teacher explains, and that causes him to be left behind by his classmates.

Especially with the old traditional ways of explaining, and the teachers hardly change their methods or improve them.

Also due to the lack of the sources, the materials, and even the curriculums that help the teacher to be more creative in the classroom.

And for the students to search for other tutors who can explain the information in different methods that can relate to the students.

Also for the students who want to prepare for the exams, or practice different types of exams.

And the advanced students who want to be aware of the complete information and how to use it properly.

So, private tutoring is a student or a small group of students with a tutor, who isn’t usually from their school, explaining the information they already took in their class but isn’t’ understood.

They meet in the student’s house or the tutor’s, or in a specialized center or institute, and have an agreement on the costs.

Reasons for the spread of private tutoring in the UAE

Since we mentioned what is private tutoring and its advantages, let’s speak about why it spread in UAE:

  • The high educational standards

In UAE the education systems have high importance and are targeting not just the national standard, but also the international standards.

That’s why parents focus on supporting their children, especially in the educational path.

  • The variety of nationalities and languages

The UAE society contains more than just one nationality, and not all of them are familiar with Arabic or English, which makes a language gap.

And private tutoring is usually the method that is used to decrease such a gap.

  • The highly competitive marketplace

The variety of nationalities in UAE society made the marketplace more challenging and required the best qualifications.

Which made it a highly competitive society, and made their education a hard educational system.

  • The continuous changing 

As we mentioned prior, due to the highly competitive marketplace, the education standards decreased also.

And these educational systems are changing and developing most of the time, and private tutoring sessions are trying to make the students adapt and cope with these new curriculums.

Private tutoring with the is an educational institute that cares to improve the skills of the students not just the young but also the adults.

As it doesn’t concern only the school’s subject for the children, but also for the necessary information that anyone needs in their career.

Like the programming and the technological courses, which will support you even if you’re a beginner, and will deliver you advanced skills.

Besides the courses related to human behavior, psychology, and etiquette that will be taught to the children that will help them in their younger ages.

The highest technological sources and tools are used to support the understanding of the students whether it was by making it more exciting or training the students practically to know how to use it.

And the methods that are used to explain the topic are created according to the student’s preferences and what works best for them.

Besides, the highly qualified and trained tutors will build an engaging interactive environment to encourage the student to interact and build a creative discussion that can benefit them the most.

The private tutoring sessions at are mostly online, so it will be easier for the students to attend and decrease the tension of attending physically to the course.

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