The dos and don'ts of college essay writing

The college essay writing is considered one of the most used evaluation methods in the college. It is used in measuring the degree of understanding of the different subjects that have been explained in the college. For the previously mentioned reasons, college essay writing is a task that equals a lot of marks, so all the students need to take care of it. In this article we will give you some tips about university essays for beginners, how to write it, its rules, and the rules of writing scientific research.

What is college essay writing? And what is the purpose of it?

College essay writing is a written task that university professors ask their students to write, to evaluate their level of subjects understanding and comprehension. The purpose of college essay writing is to measure the degree of comprehension of what they are studying, their ability in writing scientific research, and how to apply what they are studying to scientific research.

What are the main rules for writing university essays for beginners?

A lot of students may be worried about college essay writing, especially if they do not have the talent of writing, so college essay writing may be a big problem. We will give you the solution for this problem, and guide you with the main rules for writing university essays for beginners as follows;

  • Define clearly the topic of the essay, and define the arrangement of your paragraphes. It is an essential skill in your college essay writing journey.
  • Give your essay a clear topic that represents what you are going to talk about in the essay.
  • Arrange your essay statements in a good arrangement, and give your essay an introduction and closure.
  • It is essential in college essay writing skills to learn how to write a good introduction that represents the topic that you are going to talk about.
  • It is also important in college essay writing to learn how to write a good closure for your essay that summarises what you were talking about in the essay.
  • Be careful to the word count so that you do not exceed the highest allowed number of words, also do not write less than the requested number of words.
  • Focus clearly upon your main topic, and do not write about other side topics.
  • Take care of grammar rules, and do not make spelling mistakes in your essay. It is a critical point in the writing of university essays for beginners.
  • Do not leave the plagiarism checking step. The allowed percent of plagiarism in college essay writing is usually between 1 to 3%.

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Tips for writing university essays for beginners

You can achieve a good essay by following the previous rules that we were talking about, but we will give some tips that can give you the best method for the college essay writing as follows;

  • Read well about the topic that you are going to talk about. It is a very important point at the college essay writing and during writing scientific research also.
  • Define the main idea of the essay, and make it clear to the reader to define it as well. You can have many ideas for the essay but you have to make them clear as much as possible.
  •  You should take your information from trusted places like books, and recently published papers. Taking your information from untrusted website pages will lead to the rejection of your essay.
  •  Form your essay with simple non complicated words, also try to use different words and synonyms.
  • You can include photos, graphs, and other illustration methods in your college essay.

Rules of writing scientific research

Writing scientific research has some universal rules that every student need to know, these rules are as follows;

  • Define the idea of your scientific research, which should be clear and realistic also, this point is the most important point in the rules of writing scientific research.
  • Give a clear question which represents the problem of scientific research, which should be solved by your research.
  • Define your research method, and read well about the topic that you are going to do your research about.
  • Write an introduction that represents the summary of the topic of the research, and the results that you have reached.
  • Be careful about the source of your information, as any un-trusted sources in your research may lead to its rejection.
  • Check your scientific research on the plagiarism checker. The allowed percent of plagiarism in the writing of scientific research is between 1 and 3%. It is a very important rule in writing scientific research.
  •  Write a good conclusion that includes your results that you have reached through your scientific research.
  • Write the references in the correct order. You should write them in the correct international method as well.

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What are the types of university essays?

 There are many types of college essay writing, you need to determine the type of essay you are going to write before writing. Different types of essays can be as follows;

  • Scientific college essays, which talk about a scientific topic, and take their information from scientific research and papers.
  • Narrative essays, which tell a story about something. The story can be personal or not.
  • Descriptive essays, which describe something without talking about the writer’s personal opinion.

You may be asked to write one of those types, or to write another special type according to your specialty.

What are the differences between writing scientific research and college essays?

As a university student you may be asked to write a scientific research or a college essay, so what are the differences between them?

  1. College essays may talk about many ideas in the same topic, but the scientific research discusses only one topic.
  2. College essay discusses ideas in a summarised form (not exceeding 3-4 pages), while the scientific research discusses the ideas fully at length.
  3. The scientific research should not include the writer’s opinion, while the college essay may include it.
  4. Scientific research has certain methods which should be followed during writing references, and the college essay may not has its references written at this method, also college essay may not contain references as well.
  5. Both of them should not exceed the permissible percent of plagiarism, which is between 1 to 3%. academy offers you academic courses and consultations which can help you overcome your difficulties in college essay writing, and help you do your best in your academic life.

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