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Online mathematics courses from 9th to 12th grades

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Online mathematics courses from 9th to 12th grades


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Online Mathematics Courses

The secondary education stage is targeted from the ninth to the twelfth grades according to the educational curricula in the UAE in mathematics in the general track and the specialized track

Advantages of an online math course with

Online training courses are individual, not group, through Zoom
Flexibility of appointments commensurate with the guardian and the student – morning appointments – evening appointments
Teachers who are experienced in teaching and teaching mathematics. Providing modern educational methods and methods that suit the needs of the student
Provide all educational materials and explanations necessary to understand the material
Always and periodic follow-up to students
Mathematics test and practice forms after completing the lessons

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Training methods in the online mathematics course with

1. Training the student to understand the nature of the issues and persevere in solving them
Thinking empirically and quantitatively
Develop hypotheses that can be applied and comment on the method of deduction
4 Using mathematics models and problems from the reality of exams

5- Solutions to exercises on the study units according to each semester

6- Providing worksheets – summaries – mathematics – from first grade to fourth grade

7 – Review of mathematics problems – mathematics questions on the different lessons of mathematics exams

Content of online mathematics courses Education – Secondary
Mathematics course ninth grade general track or advanced track
General Mathematics Track
Justification and Proof – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines – Statistics and Probability – Determination of Similar Triangles – Postulates and Free Proofs – Algebraic Proof – Proving Relationships between Angles – Parallel and Intersecting Lines – Angles and Parallel Lines – Slope of the Straight Line – Equations of the Line – Proving Parallelism of Lines – Perpendiculars and Distance … etc

Advanced Mathematics Track
Initialization for Integrated Mathematics – Expressions, Equations and Functions – Linear Equations – Linear Functions – Equations of Linear Functions Linear Inequalities – Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities – Exponential and Exponential Functions – Radical Functions, Rational Functions and Equations – Statistics and Probability – Geometry Tools – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines – Congruent Triangles … etc

Mathematics course tenth grade general and advanced track
Mathematics – General Track
Graphically representing quadratic functions – solving quadratic equations – complex numbers – general and discriminant second – transformations of quadratic functions – quadratic inequalities – exponential functions – defining functions using successive differences – growth and decay – sequences in the form of exponential functions – recursive formulas – solving exponential equations and inequalities – functions Square root – Radical equations Inverse change – Rational functions – Relativistic equations …… etc.

Mathematics – Advanced Track
Linear systems and matrices – Quadratic functions and relations – Polynomials and polynomials – Functions, inverse and radical relations – Quadrilaterals – Proportionality and similarity – Geometric transformations and symmetry – Probability and measurement – Exponential and logarithmic functions and relations – Trigonometric functions – Identities, Trigonometric equations and Sequences …..etc

Mathematics course eleventh grade general and advanced track
Mathematics – General Track
Equations and Inequalities. – Functions and Linear Relationships. Linear systems and matrices. – Polynomials and polynomials.

Functions, inverse and radical relations. – Functions, exponential and logarithmic relations. – Functions and Relative Relations. Sequences and series. Statistics and probability. – Geometric transformations and symmetry. – Trigonometric functions. Identities and Trigonometric Equations

Mathematics – Advanced Track

Equations and Inequalities. Linear relationships and functions. Systems of equations and inequalities. – Polynomials and polynomial functions.

Functions, inverse and radical relations. – Functions, exponential and logarithmic relations. – Functions and Relative Relations.

Conic sections. Sequences and series. Statistics and probability. Trigonometric functions.

Identities and Trigonometric Equations. Proportionality and Similarity. Conversions and matching.

Mathematics course 12th grade general and advanced track
Mathematics – General Track

Functions from a calculus perspective. Power functions, polynomial functions, and relative functions. Exponential and logarithmic functions. – Trigonometric functions. Identities and Trigonometric Equations. Systems of equations and matrices. Conic sections and median equations. – Vectors. Polar coordinates and complex numbers. – Inductive statistics. – Calculus…etc.

Mathematics – Advanced Track


endings and connection. Differential. Derivation applications. – Integration. – Applications on limited integration. Integration methods
The area between two curves. – Size of slices, discs and rings. – Bearings and cylindrical items. Arc length and surface area. Projectile movement. – Applications of integration to physics. Probability…..etc.


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