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Online children English course

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Online children English course


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Course Features Online children English course

Phonics – English Language Teaching – Curriculum for Children the English language is one of the primary and continuous languages during the different years of education and life stages. Therefore, the English language course for children for the first and second grades of primary school is concerned with focusing on the topics of the phonics curriculum.

 The children English course for with focuses on:

English letters and sounds for kids Teaching children the names and sounds of letters, which enhances children’s ability to read the English language – pronounce words easily – master the pronunciation of sounds and diphthongs.

Teaching phonics to children in the Phonix curriculum, which was divided into units each units contains certain letters.

 The features of the Online children English course (phonics)- with

1- An online individual course through Zoom.

2- flexibility in scheduling your classes according to the parents needs. We offer both morning and night classes.

3 – highly qualified teachers who are specialized in children English courses.

4- Providing all the materials the students need to study outside the training session.

5- Using the latest learning methods and exercises in English to gain information easily

. 6- Practicing and constant follow-up to evaluate the student’s level.

7- Providing all visual and audio materials to train students

. 8- Practice exams for the English subject.

Book the phonics course and get discounts and offers with Flex system : provides parents and students with a Flex discount system which consists of discounted packages for children.

Classes can also be distributed between your children. Choose the appropriate system for you: Flex 20- Flex 30- Flex 40- Flex 50- Flex 100.

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