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Arabic course for children online


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Arabic course for children online – first grade

The Arabic course for children online – the first grade of primary school The Arabic language is one of the basic languages ​​that continue during the different years of education and life stages. Therefore, the Arabic language course for children is interested in the primary education stage – the first grade by focusing on basic education skills that fit with the curriculum they have in the story – Informational texts – poetry and chants – activities

  • Arabic language course for children online with
  • Online training courses are individual, not group, through Zoom
  • Flexibility of appointments commensurate with the guardian and the student – morning appointments – evening appointments
  • An Arabic language placement test to measure the language level of students
  • Teachers who are experienced in teaching and teaching the Arabic language, providing modern educational methods and methods that suit the student
  • Providing all educational materials and explanations necessary to understand the Arabic language
  • Always and periodic follow-up for students
  • Samples of Arabic language tests and exercises after completing the lessons
  • Arabic language courses for children The courses are held according to the academic classes of the educational stages

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Content of the Arabic language course for children online – first grade

Focuses on the knowledge of the Arabic language according to the curriculum. The training course focuses on teaching the student the following skills

  • Examine the contents of the book through pictures
  • The learner pronounces all the letters of the alphabet
  • The link between the sound and the symbol denoting it and its relationship to sound patterns
  • Create words that are similar in rhythm
  • Knowledge of phonemes and spelling rules in analysis and synthesis
  • Recognize the names of letters and their arrangement and shapes in their positions
  • Getting to know the short movements, the Damma – the Kasra – the Fatihah –Recognize the sukoon and pronounce the sedative words correctly
  • Distinguishing while reading between letters with short vowels and letters with long vowels
  • Distinguish between unfamiliar and new words according to the correct spelling
  • Make up two or three syllable words


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