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Online Chemistry Course American Curriculum

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Online Chemistry Course American Curriculum


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Online Chemistry Course for American Curriculum

The chemistry curriculum courses for the American education aims to train students to build explanations of scientific phenomena and design solutions to real-world problems.

The features of the Online Chemistry course- American Curriculum- with

1- An online individual course through Zoom.
2- flexibility in scheduling your classes according to the parents needs. We
offer both morning and night classes.
3 – highly qualified teachers who are specialized in Chemistry courses.
4- Providing all the scientific materials the students need to study outside
the training session.
5- Using the latest methods of learning and exercises in science to help the
students learn easily.
6- Best prices and discounts on all educational courses.
7- Providing all test forms in the Chemistry according to the student’s
academic grade.
Online Chemistry Course Content – American Education – American
The Chemistry course covers many topics by grade and semester. Some of
these topics are:
• Chemical reactions – chemical bonding and reactions
• Characteristics and changes
• Matter – Energy – Equilibrium
• Properties of material – Changes in the material – Elements and
compounds – Mixtures of material – Structure and properties of material
• Organic and Nuclear Chemistry
• Structure of an atom – Definition of an atom – Evidence and
conclusions – How do atoms differ – Unstable nuclei and radioactive decay
• Electrons in atoms
• Light Energy and Quantum – Electronic Distribution
• The periodic table and periodic law
• Classification of Elements Periodic Trends Nature of Science –
The Evolving Periodic Table
• Ionic compounds and minerals – ionic bonds and ionic
compounds – ionic compounds – and ionic compounds – metallic bonds and
properties of metals – engineering technology
• Covalent bonds – Nomenclature of molecules – Molecular
structures – Molecular shapes – Electricity and polarity
• Material, energy and equilibrium
• Chemical reactions – reactions and equations – classification of
chemical reactions – reactions in aqueous solutions
• Monometry – Determination of the measurement of chemical
elements – stoichiometric calculations – limitation of reactants


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