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Online Mathematics Course American Curriculum

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Online Mathematics Course American Curriculum


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Mathematics course American curriculum:

It targets the elementary grades of the American education The online mathematics courses American education aims to:
1- Develop problem-solving skills by including instructional strategies within each lesson that focus on enhancing the Mathematics abilities and capabilities of the student.
2- The mathematics education curricula create a positive environment through flexible lessons that are designed and supported by activities and exercises according to the needs of the students.

3- This course focuses on discovering the potentials of the students .

The features of the Online Mathematics course American Curriculum- with

1- An online individual course through Zoom.
2- flexibility in scheduling your classes according to the parents needs. We offer both morning and night classes.
3 – highly qualified teachers who are specialized in Maths courses.
4- Providing all the scientific materials the students need to study outside the training session.
5- Using the latest methods of learning and exercises in mathematics to help the students learn easily.
Online Mathematics Course Content – American Education – American Curriculum The online mathematics course for the American curriculum – American education covers several topics according to the primary school stage.

Some the most important topics that the online mathematics course focuses on are:

• Practicing to use strategies for addition and subtraction.
• Four-digit numbers – identifying ways to represent numbers (hundreds, tens and one-digit numbers)
• Estimate Sums and Differences
• Use Addition Properties to Add
• Addition patterns
• Use Partial Sums to Add
• Decompose to Subtract
• August Numbers to add or subtract
• Using addition to subtraction – an equation with a variable to find an unknown value
• How math skills can help get things done – How can you

identify useful information for a problem?

• Subtraction within 1,000 – skilfully Subtract within 1,000
• Understand the structure of multi-digit numbers
• Read and write numbers to a million
• Comparing multi-digit numbers
• Round Multi-Digit Numbers
• Reading and writing decimals
• Compare decimals


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