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Online Mathematics Course British Curriculum

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Online Mathematics Course British Curriculum


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Online Mathematics Course Features

The online mathematics course, according to the British curriculum, enhances mental confidence in dealing with integers, counting and place value. The mathematics lessons include dealing with numbers, words, the four mathematical operations, and measurement tools, in addition to developing students’ ability to identify drawings, geometric shapes, and various measures such as length and mass.
The British Mathematics Curriculum aims to ensure that all students master the basics of mathematics through repetitive practice and problem solving so that students develop understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge and mathematical thinking, in addition to students’ ability to deal with simple scores, decimal values, geometric shapes and their properties, and using measurement and linking tools between Measurement, dimension and dealing with the multiplication table accurately and error-freely.

The features of the Online Mathematics course- British Curriculum- with

1- An online individual course through Zoom.
2- flexibility in scheduling your classes according to the parents needs. We offer both morning and night classes.
3 – highly qualified teachers who are specialized in Mathematics courses.
4- Providing all the materials the students need to study outside the training session.
5- Using the latest methods of learning and exercises in Mathematics to help the students learn easily.
6- Best prices and discounts on all educational courses.
7- Providing all test forms in Mathematics British according to the student’s academic grade.The content for the Mathematics course- British Curriculum with Course covers many topics in the mathematics subject for the British

curriculum according to the student’s grade. Some of these mathematics topics are:

• Counting and number patterns
• Comparing and ordering
• Adding and subtracting from one to three digit.
• Estimation and Rounding
• Mixed operations
• logical reasoning
• Money and time
• Data and graphs
• units of measurement
• Two-dimensional shapes and Three dimensional shapes.
• Geometric measurement and lines
• understanding fraction
• Add and subtract fractions
• Probability and statistics
• Understand multiplication and Multiplication skill enhancement
• Understanding Division and Division enhancement- Division – Division skill enhancing We also offer a variety of discounts and bundles like Flex packages.

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