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Intermediate Online Science Course

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Intermediate Online Science Course


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Intermediate Online Science Course

The online science course targets students from the fifth to the eighth grade – the intermediate stage according to the educational curricula in the UAE – Sciences online courses – include scientific activities that help students pass science with high grades

Advantages of an online science course with

Individual online training courses, not a group, through Zoom
Flexibility of appointments commensurate with the guardian and the student – morning appointments – evening appointments
Experienced teachers in science education and teaching. Providing modern educational methods and methods that suit the needs of the student
Provide all educational materials and explanations necessary to understand the subject of science Periodic follow-up of the student’s performance – and informing the guardian of the development of the children’s level Samples of tests and exercises on science subject after completing the lessons

Discounts and offers for the Felix system for classes | subscribe now provides parents and students with a Flex discount system, which contains multiple lesson systems that offer discounted packages for children – and classes can be distributed to your children – choose the appropriate system for you from among the systems Flex – Flex 20 – Flex 30 – Flex 40 – Flex 50 – Flex 100.

Providing a range of offers and discounts such as Flex offers – accepting discount cards from

  • Esaad card
  • protectors of the homeland
  • Fazaa Card
  • elsada card

Science courses – Training methods – with

  • Science Exam Training by Semester and Curriculum
  • Questions on the exercises of the science book units – solve the questions of the science book
  • Science book unit summaries
  • Training on the official ministry exam questions at the end of all semesters from previous exams

Contents of science courses from fifth to eighth grade

Online science courses targeting the intermediate education stage from grades five to eight – covers most of the science book topics according to the educational curricula in the UAE

Fifth grade science online course

Think Practical – Preparing the Best Scientists – Health of Living Organisms – Parents and Children – Interactions in Ecosystems Use of Earth’s Resources – Earth Dynamics – Minerals, Rocks and Soils – Climate Patterns – Universe – Comparison of Material Types – Physical and Chemical Changes – Use of Forces – Use of Energy – Technology, design, etc.
Online science course 6th grade

Methods of science – technology and design process – exploration of the earth – life – structure and function – understanding energy – interactions of matter..etc

Seventh grade science online course

Understanding the atom – future scientists – the foundations of chemistry – waves, light and sound – motion and forces, understanding the atom – equations with solutions – balancing chemical reactions – Newton’s laws of force – description of motion – physical properties

Waves – motion, forces, and Newtons – waves, light and sound – vertebrates – photosynthesis – asexual reproduction – sound and light – waves with solution …. etc

8th grade science online course

Methods of science – thermal energy and temperature – compounds, chemical formulas and covalent bonds – types of chemical reaction – ionic and metallic bonds – understanding chemical reactions – chemical reactions and changes in energy

Electric charges and electric forces Electric current and electrical circuits Thermal energy Chemical elements and bonds Electricity and magnetism Ionic and metallic bonds Electronics and energy level Thermal energy transfer Electrons and energy levels The use of thermal energy Thermal expansion and contraction



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