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Because of the technology revolution, online education has become widespread all over the world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. People realize the importance and advantages of online teaching.

In this blog, you will find a detailed guide on how to become an online teacher.

What is meant by online teaching?

Online teaching is a process of education in which an educator instructs lessons to students via the internet through a dedicated platform. Online teaching can take different forms: one-on-one, group lessons, and webinars.

Online teachers can work from their homes, workspaces, or any place with an internet connection. Teachers use video calls, videos, and interactive slides in their online work. Online teaching is a flexible, remote job. is an online teaching platform that connects teachers with students using video calls. It has a panel of proficient teachers in different areas. It provides students with rich resources and materials, helping them to enjoy their learning.

Online teaching vs in-person teaching

Online teaching In-person teaching
Flexible time. Set hours
digital materials, online assignments, pdfs, slides, and videos. Traditional materials include paper assignments, books, sheets, etc.
Pre-recorded lessons and live virtual classes In-person classes
Students are in different places. Students are in the same place.
The number of students can be one student, small groups, or bigger groups (e.g., 30 students). Classes are usually full of students, but they can be one student or small groups.
Low prices High prices

What are the advantages of online teaching?

  • It saves time on transportation.
  • The ability to teach a student in a faraway city is available.
  • The curriculum can be taught at a suitable pace.
  • It is suitable for teachers who experience health issues.
  • Teachers have a lot of freedom.
  • Teachers can work from their homes.
  • Online teaching is highly rewarding.
  • You can teach a lot of students.
  • It is suitable for introverts who do not like teaching in classrooms.

What are the disadvantages of online teaching?

  • Online teachers spend long hours before the screen on instruction, communications, and preparing lessons.
  • Online teachers spend long hours working in front of screens.
  • There is a lot of competition.
  • Online teachers get low rates.

What are the tasks of an online teacher?

  • An online teacher writes a lesson plan.
  • Instruct lessons in live classes or pre-recorded lessons.
  • Communication with parents via texting or emails.
  • Assigning homework, activities, and classwork.
  • Assessing students’ work

Steps showing how to become an online teacher

  • Determine which subject you will teach and where you will work—in a public school, a private school, or an organisation.
  • You should have a bachelor’s degree in the subject you will teach.
  • Get a certificate in teaching to work in schools.
  • Try to find opportunities to gain experience.
  • Have a mentor who is a senior in online teaching.
  • Be updated on online pedagogy.
  • Seek professional development.
  • You should be tech savvy, especially in video conferencing programmes, word processing software, classroom management tools, and cloud storage.
  • Apply for positions after you are ready to enter the industry.

Skills of online teachers

  • If any teacher wants to know how to become an online teacher, they need to know what the most important skills of an online teacher are.
  • Online teachers have to master effective instruction in an online environment.
  • Time management during the class is a crucial skill.
  • Patience is required during online lessons.
  • Online teachers need to be flexible with any changes.
  • Teachers who want to know how to become online teachers should ensure they are technology literate. Without technical skills,they cannot work.

Tips for online teaching

For those teachers who want to know how to become an online teacher, follow these tips to be a successful online teacher:

  • Set up your teaching area. In your home, dedicate an area for teaching so you can work on your camera.
  • Invest in your devices. Get a high-quality microphone, a laptop with a good webcam, and a fast connection to the internet.
  • Learn how to master the use of learning management systems.
  • Teach on different platforms.
  • Provide education of high quality.
  • Master online educational tools and be proficient in technology.
  • Learn best practises for managing online classrooms.
  • Try to keep your students for a longer time.
  • Be creative and prepare your lessons in advance.
  • Learn about exams for your students.
  • Make a policy for students who are absent.
  • Try to make a break between your lessons.
  • Make various assignments suitable for all learning styles.
  • Customize assignments and activities according to the class size.


Online teaching has become a revolution in the education industry. Many teachers want to enter this market as full-timers or apply for part-time jobs alongside their jobs. We outline a detailed guide on how to become an online teacher. You can find comparisons between in-person teaching and online teaching, the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching, the skills of an online teacher, and tips.

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