elmadrasah.com the powerful weapon

Nelson Mandela once said:

“(education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world)”

Hence, we turned our faith in quality education into reality. The story of (elmadrasah.com) started with an insightful dream to reshape the radical educational approaches, and seek to create a platform where every learner feels like he gains knowledge, not just revise or study for tests!

What is our story?

Since, (elmadrasah.com) sparks have been igniting and maintaining the flame of authenticity and creativity. Ecstatic to be the first educational online-learning platform in the UAE to apply governmental educational strategies and principles.

We could consider (elmadrasah.com), an inspiring enterprise that empowers talented juveniles and spectacularly ambitious brains to combine professionalism and innovation in one place.

From 2019 (elmadrasah.com), take the responsibility of developing an online-learning platform, cope with the vision of the United Arab Emirates for quality education and empowering the coming generation of UAE students.

We are proud to share the UAE mission of making a revolutionary transfer on learning methods, and share the same vision and mission, of paving the educational difficulties and innovating the convenient courses to enable our students to pass all the standardised exams.

Over four years, and with more than 2000 learners and more, we succeeded in building a learning community, where the student and the parents feel trust and comfortable to gain the fruitful benefits of our courses.

Year after year, we keep innovating and adding more courses. Our family is becoming larger and stronger with the support and boost from our successful partner:

Highlights and challenges

It used to say find a need and fulfil it, for (elmadrasah.com), the challenge was never easy to fulfil the urge of modern technology methods in online-learning. The times were hard when COVID-19 showed up, but we never surrendered or quit. We devoted efforts for one noble reason: empowering knowledge to whoever asks for it:

  • Our classes are designed to be similar to real class
  • We take care of each student individually
  • We share the same concerns with parents, so far we have made a 24/7 follow up
  • We care about our students’ mental health and active life, so we let them set their own schedule.
  • We invest in training our tutors to reflect their eliteness in the illustration programs.

We keep tracking our progress and enduring circumstances to achieve what we promise our students and ourselves to always stay on top.

Our programmers 

What really distinguishes us is the agility, and the entrepreneurial mindset, as we always keep our attention on what our students really need, and bring to them the latest updates about national and international exams, language courses, and skills and capacity achievement courses;

  • EMSAT preparation courses from A to Z.
  • Academic accreditation consultancy for educational institutions.
  • ACT Exam preparation course – English and Mathematics Guide.
  • ADNOC Recruitment Tests.
  • Arabic courses for children online.
  • Arabic for non-native speakers Online Course.
  • Book IELTS test.
  • Educational counselling for children and adolescents.

*Read more about: course varieties selection.

Numbers don’t lie, and we are utterly proud to show our achievements by numbers, and how many students and influencers trust us, and go on the educational adventure through our platform, admitting that we are higher than any expectations,the trust we gain through years, came from our spirit and consistency on not to be just a digital courses platform, we share humans experiences in acquiring knowledges, we put our students goals and future as our priorities, and that’s what is really made the true identity of (el madrasah dot com).

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