Teaching Arabic and Quran to non-native speakers

Teaching Arabic and Quran to non-native speakers has become an increasingly important endeavor in recent years. With more than 467 million Arabic speakers worldwide, it's essential to ensure that this language is accessible to people from all backgrounds. Arabic is not only the most spoken Semitic language, but it's also a language of great significance in Islamic culture, especially as it's the language of the Noble Quran.
Teaching Arabic using e-learning strategies by Elmadrasah.com can be highly effective, and it allows learners to access this language from anywhere in the world. Moreover, Arabic has been able to absorb knowledge from other cultures, including literature and sciences, making it a fascinating subject to study. With the right techniques, anyone can master the Arabic language, including non-Arabic speakers.

Available Arabic and Quran to non-native speakers courses

Elmadrasah.com provides a package of learning difficulties and skills development sessions represented in:
Quran memorization course, Quran Tajweed course, New Muslims course, Ijazah recitation course


Advantage of Arabic and Quran to non-native with Elmadrasah.com

Benefits for learners who wish to enhance their language skills, as well as their understanding of Islamic teachings.

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    Online courses 100%

    Zoom sessions that are live and one-on-one to improve interaction and conversation between the trainer and the student.

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    There is flexibility in selecting your trainer, and you can choose the right days at any time of day, whether early in the morning or late at night.

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    A specialized course

    These specialist courses include all modern techniques that help in developing the skills of individuals, in teaching the Quran.

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    Courses for everyone

    It equips the students with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Islamic religion for all ages.

Teaching Arabic and Quran to non-native speakers courses provided by Elmadrasah.com

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