New Muslims course

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New Muslims course

New Muslims course, learning the Quran is an important aspect of their newfound faith. Reciting it, understanding its content and meaning, and implementing its teachings in daily life are fundamental for spiritual growth. However, the process can seem overwhelming and confusing, which is why there are resources available designed specifically to aid new converts. offers online classes with direct access to videos and a community for support.

Advantages of New Muslims course

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    100% online course

    An online platform, where you learn the Quran for new Muslims anytime and from anywhere.

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    Consolidate Faith

    Build a strong foundation of faith and belief in Islam, which is essential for a fulfilling spiritual journey.

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    Continuing Education

    Continuing education for new Muslims, allowing them to deepen their understanding Learn Islam religion and the teachings of the Quran.

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    Experience tutors

    Educate on Important Matters and cover important topics related to Islam, the pillars of faith, Quranic verses, and the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

Mechanism of New Muslims course

The Mechanism of the New Muslims course is designed to be user-friendly for those who are new to the Islamic faith. With the ability to choose from all or some of the level courses, learners can study at their own pace and convenience.

New Muslims course content

The classes are designed to bridge the cultural gap between new Muslims and their religion by learn Quran for new Muslims, which contain:

  • A description of Islam.
  • Overview Learn Islam religion background.
  • Islam’s fundamental principles and customs.
  • Knowledge of the Five Islamic Pillars.
  • A description of the Quran and its significance.
  • Key passages are explained, along with their meanings.
  • Overview of the Prophet Muhammad’s biography and Islamic history (PBUH).
  • Study of significant Islamic historical occurrences
  • An explanation of why Muslims value Islamic past.
  • Islamic Morals and Ethics.
  • Study of the moral teachings of Islam and how they apply to daily living.

Why is the New Muslims course from


The New Muslims course from is the perfect platform for those who have recently converted to Islam and wish to Learn Islam religion in an easy and systematic manner.
The platform has been designed for:

  • Comprehensive course


    The course covers all the basic principles to learn Quran for new Muslims, including the Quran, prayer, fasting, and beliefs, to name a few.

  • Efficiency


    The courses are offered by a professional tutor and provide a friendly environment for them to learn and ask questions.

  • Flexibility


    Choose evening or morning appointments, as appropriate.

  • Credibility


    The content is presented in a simple and easy-to-understand format, making it convenient for users to access and digest.


Features of New Muslims course from

The New Muslims course offered by has a range of features that cater to the needs of new converts to Islam:

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    Courses start after one day of booking.

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    The course covers Islamic culture and aims to develop the spiritual, moral and social meanings of new Muslims.

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    Online New Muslims course, take at any time, by Zoom to easily communicate.

  • icon trainers are experts in filling the gap between traditional private lessons and online education.

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