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TOEFL exam review 6 lessons

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TOEFL exam review 6 lessons


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TOEFL exam review 6 lessons

It helps you with the TOEFL PBT (paper-based test) and the TOEFL IBT
(internet-based test), review TOEFL now and pass your exam!

The TOEFL exam course aims to:

• Teaching you the basics of the exam, breaking it down, and simplifying its questions so that the TOEFL test becomes easy.
• Learning the test strategies and tactics in each section of the TOEFL exam.
• Solving Questions and short tests for all sections based on previous TOEFL exams.

The purpose of the TOEFL exam Revision:

• It’s for everyone who wants to achieve a good score in the TOEFL test.
• People who want to improve their TOEFL score and have weaknesses they want to strengthen.

TOEFL Revision course’s features with :

Online courses through 1 to 1 Zoom sessions that provides
training specially for you.
Flexibility in choosing your schedule (either morning or night classes).
A staff of qualified teachers both Arab and native speakers to provide you with evaluation, mentoring, and practicing the TOEFL test sections.
Providing you with books and sheets to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam.
Focusing on practical training for the TOEFL exam.
The class’s period is one hour.

TOEFL exam – TOEFL exam review content

The reading section of the TOEFL test
• Acquiring the skills of reading articles – stories – articles that express specific points of view and abstract ideas.
• Being able to guess the meanings of words from context – understanding the main idea and key details.
• Determining the general idea of the text and the main points of the text in the shortest possible time.
• Learning How to manage time and make the most of the time dedicated for reading.

The writing section of the TOEFL exam:

• Developing the ability to present ideas in an orderly – clear – understandable manner to answer the independent writing question.
• Developing the ability to take notes while listening and summarize to answer the questions of integrated writing.
• Acquiring English vocabulary and grammar so that they can be used in the writing section in the correct manner.

Speaking section of the TOEFL exam

• Developing the ability of verbal expression in the English language and acquiring a distinctive sum of words in the English language.
• Training to talk about personal opinions and ideas about a particular topic
• Training on speaking section activities: both independent speaking task and integrated speaking tasks.

Listening section of the TOEFL exam

• Practicing taking short notes while listening, which helps to easily extract the main ideas to outline the answer.
• Understanding the general idea of the conversations and extracting the major ideas with a variety of training on short and long conversations.
• Learning How to use structured steps to answer questions about the listening section.
• Reviewing conversations in different dialects during training.


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