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SAT Biology Test Online Course

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SAT Biology Test Online Course


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SAT Biology Exam Course – SAT 2 Exam Biology

The SAT Exam Biology test aims to measure students’ understanding of general biology at the college preparatory level as well as knowledge and understanding of key concepts of biology and the ability to apply the student’s learned biology principles to solve specific biology problems in both environmental biology and molecular biology

Who is the target of the SAT 2 Exam Biology course?

High school students who are looking to apply for university admission to universities – American colleges in order to complete their bachelor’s – master’s – doctoral studies Advantages of SAT Biology Course – SAT 2 Exam Biology

The SAT Exam Biology course offered by is one of the best courses that help

you pass the SAT Biology test easily because it

1- An online training course through Zoom that helps you focus on your needs according to the appropriate time with you

2- Flexibility in scheduling appointments – morning appointments – evening appointments

3- An English language proficiency test

4- Highly qualified lecturers to qualify you to pass the SAT Exam

5- Providing all the scientific materials you need to study outside the training course

6- Training using suitable models from the SAT Exam

SAT Biology Course Content – SAT 2 Exam Biology

The SAT course covers – SAT 2 Exam Biology – according to the college board, which includes Biology Ecological – Biology Molecular Learn about cellular and molecular biology, including topics

  • Cell structure and organization – mitosis – photosynthesis – cellular respiration –

enzymes – biosynthesis – biological chemistry

  • Ecology

Energy flow – Nutrient cycles – Population – Communities – Ecosystems – Biomes – Conservation biology – Biodiversity Effects of human intervention.

  • Genetics

Meiosis – Patterns of inheritance – Molecular genetics.

  • organic biology

Structure, function, and evolution of living organisms with emphasis on plants, animals, and animal behavior

  • Evolution and Diversity

Origin of life – Evidence and patterns of evolution – Diversity of living things –

  • Natural selection

SAT 2 Exam Biology questions are distributed among the subjects of Biology, Ecology and

Molecular Biology.


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