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Kindergarten Online Mathematics course

The Kindergarten course in Mathematics helps to teach the children the basics of the Maths including: writing and reading numbers – addition and subtraction equations. During the course, our teachers use the most enjoyable and interesting methods to make sure your child is learning and having fun.

In the kindergarten online mathematics course, uses the best and latest

educational methods to present mathematical concepts such as:

1- The use of the story: in presenting geometry concepts, measurement – graph of geometric shapes.
2- The use of educational songs: that helps in acquiring difficult concepts while learning mathematics.
3- Artistic activities: that helps in recognizing colors – using flashcards…..etc. The features of the Kindergarten Course with
1- An online individual course through Zoom which provides flexibility in scheduling your classes according to the parents needs. We offer both morning and night classes.
2 – highly qualified teachers who are specialized in kindergarten courses.
3- Providing all the scientific materials the students need to study outside the training session.
4- Using the latest methods of learning and exercises such as using activities – songs – stories, which achieves the joy of learning and helps students to understand Mathematics easily.
5- offers Online kindergarten courses in the UAE with very affordable and special prices.
6- Providing a book with colourful drawings that will help teach children outside the training course.

The objective of this course with

1- Teaching children some concepts of mathematics that are necessary in life.
2- Teaching children the importance of using numbers in daily life.
3- Teaching children the relationship between mathematics with other sciences.
4- Develop thinking skills when dealing with mathematics.
5- Training children to use and apply mathematics.
6- Providing a book or note that includes many mathematics exercises to teach children outside
the sessions.

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