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Flex 90 offerstakes – savings packages with

  • Felx offers is one of the things that distinguishes the for private lessons, which aims at the first level to raise the academic level of students and provide all the necessary study methods that help them strengthen their skills in various study subjects such as Arabic language – Chinese language – science – physics – chemistry – mathematics Islamic Education – Biology

On the second level, families and parents are offered study discounts of up to 60% and a set of lessons, the duration of each session is one training hour, in addition to the fact that they can distribute the lessons to the children.

Advantages of Flex 90 offer – savings packages with for private lessons

Online courses through Zoom are individual, not group.
This enables the parents and children to develop a study plan that helps the children to overcome academic weaknesses and focus on practical training

Flexibility in scheduling morning/evening classes

  • Direct communication with teachers to ensure obtaining guidance and continuous assessment to improve student performance
  • Providing highly experienced lecturers in communicating information with one of the study methods and practical applications
    The duration of the training session is 1 hour
  • Providing periodic follow-up via WhatsApp with the specialist 24 hours a day
  • Providing educational methods aimed at improving academic and practical skills to ensure students ease of study and study
  • The Flex 90 package includes the subjects: Arabic – Chinese – Science – Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics – Islamic Education – Biology
  • Provide materials and explanations to help students study outside the course
  • You can start immediately after booking a day – book now flexat packages for private lessons and start developing your children’s skills


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