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Flex 40 for non-native speakers

It’s never too late to learn. This program is for dedicated members who are willing to spare 40 hours of their time to learn. You can either use this program alone or share it with someone else, it’s totally up to you. Also, the division of Quran memorisation and Arabic classes is your choice.

Quran Memorisation course

Our tutors follow innovative approaches to help you memorise the Holy Quran accurately and efficiently. The tutor will recite the Quran verses as many times as it takes to make sure the student’s recitation is on point with no mistakes at all.

Also, our tutors pay great attention to revising what you’ve studied to ensure that you know it by heart.

Arabic for non-native speakers

We aim to provide an outstanding Arabic course for non-native speakers that will put them on the right track for learning this beautifully rich language.

Our course includes learning all the skills you need to master Arabic including: “reading, writing, speaking, and listening”.  We’ll also provide you with all the material you need to practice and revise on your own.

Why should I enrol?

Our tutors are greatly skilful and experienced in this field which guarantees you a very productive learning experience. Whatever your level is, we’ll find you the most suitable way to pave the path of progress for you.

Your experience will go beyond the 1-hour session since you’ll be able to contact our educational specialists anytime you want for inquiries. Remember that you’ll not only have classes to achieve your goal, but you’ll also have our whole team to help you get there.

What jobs will this program prepare me for?

Besides working on the basics of the language , Flex 40 program will work on developing your communication skills in the Modern Standard Arabic. You’ll be able to create coherent clear sentences which can help you in many jobs such as: tour guiding, translation… etc.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

The Flex 40 program works best for individuals who direly want to learn Arabic and are passionate about memorising the holy Quran. If you want to memorise several Quran chapters and go beyond the basics of the Arabic language, this program would be your top choice because you’ll definitely learn some advanced stuff in it.


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