Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license ISLAMIC | CYCLE 3

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Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license ISLAMIC CYCLE 3

Obtaining a license in the educational professions in religious education for the intermediate and secondary levels is considered an important step for everyone who wishes to practice the teaching profession in this field. In order to obtain this license, individuals must complete the preparatory course to pass the educational professions license, which offers a basic and necessary step to develop teaching skills and improve your understanding and culture in religious education and its teaching.

Advantages of the Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license ISLAMIC

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    100% Online Training Course

    An individual direct training course via Zoom with the possibility to choose the time suitable for you, whether evening or morning.

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    Diversity and multiple specializations platform provides students with all the preparatory courses to pass the educational professions licensing exam, to qualify teachers in all specialties.

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    Continuous updates

    Online vocational education courses are often revised and updated to reflect the latest research and information in the field of vocational education.

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    Continuous communication and follow-up with trainers

    In addition to educational materials, you can communicate with coaches and teachers with platform and you can have continuous follow-up and discussions.

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Training methods in Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license ISLAMIC

The preparatory course for passing the educational professions license with, in religious education, plays an important role in qualifying and developing teachers in the field of religious education. Enables them to achieve the goals of religious education and develop Islamic values ​​among students in effective and innovative ways.


Content of Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license ISLAMIC cycle 3

The basic content of the preparatory course for passing educational professions license in Islamic includes a set of important topics that contribute to developing participants’ skills and acquiring the knowledge necessary to excel in the field of teaching.

  • First, topics related to the foundations and controls of teaching religious education subjects are taught at the intermediate and secondary levels.  Participants learn about the subject curricula and basic skills that must be developed to achieve the goals of religious education.
  • Secondly, emphasis is placed on developing teaching and study planning skills. Participants learn how to prepare and organize appropriate lessons and ways to deliver them effectively to students.  These skills include analyzing audiences, utilizing innovative teaching methods, and evaluating educational performance.
  • Third, topics related to assessment and evaluation are addressed.  Participants learn how to evaluate student performance and provide progress reports and recommendations. This aims to develop the learning process and improve the educational performance of students.
  • Fourth, special attention is given to moral concepts and religious values.  Awareness of Islamic values ​​and their role in building the learner’s personality and society is enhanced. Participants learn about the importance of applying these values ​​in life and how to develop them in students.

Why is the ideal choice for courses for passing exams for educational professions?


The Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license BUSINESS is an important step in the process of obtaining a license to practice the teaching profession. Individuals wishing to teach in this field must follow this course and benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired to improve their competence as teachers in BUSINESS, and here comes the role of platform, in offering these courses with many features that make you choose them to start courses over others:

  • Rich and diverse content


    The Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license SOCIAL STUDIES provided by platform is distinguished by the fact that it includes the latest developments in the field of vocational education.

  • Innovative educational techniques

    icon platform uses innovative educational technologies to provide an effective and enjoyable learning experience, through the use of multimedia such as images, videos, and interactive exercises.

  • Efficiency

    icon platform includes a team of qualified trainers who specialize in educational professions licensing exams, with extensive experience in providing support and assistance to students throughout the course period.

  • Schedule flexibility


    Individuals can enroll in courses at flexible times and from any location that suits them, and they are available to everyone, regardless of geographical location or educational background.


Advantages of Preparatory courses for passing educational professions license PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION online educational platform has many features that make it the best choice, including the following:

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    Courses start the day after booking.

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    Educational materials in various specialties that test educational professions with precision and professionalism, for all levels.

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    Interactive and direct courses between the student and the teacher.

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    A professional trainer capable of dealing with all modern teaching methods.

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