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  • Affordable online Chemistry lessons with each session lasting 60 minutes.
  • Experienced tutors at a high level of expertise, catering to different student levels.
  • Regular updates and continuous follow-up to track student progress.
  • Private lessons available for all subjects and age groups.

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“ My evaluation of the class is more than excellent, thank God. The teacher is great and gives me my time with understanding and explains everything I don’t understand.“

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“I want to tell you very thankful, my level is above average and the expression became easy for me, may God bless you, my brother! “

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“ The teacher was kind, and her explanation is good, and the information is very easy, simple and understandable, not as complicated as before.“

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“I would like to take the TOEFL exam course with you, because there are many different levels. I did not take the preparation course, and I would like to pass the exam with you as well.”

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“I would like to thank you because Amna’s math average has risen a lot and she knows how to add, subtract and calculate. Her father is very happy and asked me to thank you and her teacher, Nourhan.“

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“The lecture is beautiful and everything is simplified. And, God willing, I will book with you the rest of the materials.“

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Frequently asked questions about Chemistry lessons

What is the cost of online private lessons in Chemistry ?

Cost-effective options with various packages available to suit all budgets.

How many available private Chemistry tutors are there in Elmadrasah? has 100 Chemistry tutors, so we have a wide range of teacher profiles that we can match with your child. Book your lesson now to get an idea of what our courses look like.

Can my child take online online private lessons in Chemistry ?

Yes, platform offers all private lessons online in an interactive live format.

What other subjects does offer besides Chemistry? offers private lessons in all subjects and for all age groups. In addition to online private lessons in Chemistry, subjects include:

  • English
  • German 
  • Science
  • History
  • French
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
And other subjects with, your child isn't limited to one subject. If they want private lessons in multiple areas, they just need to choose, and they'll receive support from specialized tutors.

How can students benefit from online private lessons in Chemistry?

Students can fully benefit from the lessons through interactive voice and video interaction with the tutor since the lessons are one-on-one live sessions through Zoom.

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All you need to know about Chemistry lessons

online private lessons in Chemistry with

Whether you're a student looking for private lessons for yourself or a parent seeking Chemistry lessons for your children, the platform offers Chemistry tutors for all ages and levels online. 

Once you choose your educational level:

  • You can contact one of our experts today who will discuss your situation, needs, and preferences.
  • Our experts will then select the appropriate Chemistry tutor for you.
  • You will have the right to access a free trial version where you can get to know the tutor and how we operate at
  • During the initial trial session, the tutor will understand your child's strengths and weaknesses and then create a customized learning plan for them.
  • After the trial lesson, we will gather feedback and discuss the best membership model to help you achieve your individual goals.

There's nothing standing in the way of getting better grades! Our trained tutors work with advanced learning success models to help you achieve what you want.

Importance of Studying Chemistry

Studying chemistry is of great importance for several reasons:

  • It helps in understanding the composition and interactions of materials in the world around us.
  • It develops analytical and scientific thinking skills.
  • Chemistry also enhances the understanding of vital processes in the human body and the chemical reactions used in medicine, industry, and agriculture.
  • Additionally, chemistry serves as a foundation for understanding other sciences such as physics, life sciences, and environmental science.

In short, studying chemistry is necessary for students, providing diverse opportunities for exploration, learning, and equipping them with knowledge and skills necessary for a deep understanding of life and contributing positively to societal development.

Content of online private lessons in Chemistry with

Chemistry lessons typically begin in elementary school with more general science, and high school students study more specific chemistry topics aimed at exams:

  • Understanding the states of matter.
  • The periodic table of elements.
  • Simple chemical experiments.
  • Organic and inorganic chemistry.
  • Atoms, molecules, and compounds.
  • Identifying chemical symbols.

At, our teachers are capable of working with students at all levels and adapting to their learning styles across all grade levels.

Preparing for Chemistry exams and university admission

You can prepare well for your Chemistry exam by joining the platform and enrolling in online private lessons in Chemistry that match your academic level. 

Make the most of all the benefits of private lessons with

  • Comprehensive content tailored to your educational level.
  • Interactive one-on-one lessons via Zoom and Potim.
  • Highly competent and professional tutors.
  • Flexible scheduling of sessions.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation.
  • Numerous practice tests and real models.
  • Utilization of modern learning tools.
  • Varied packages and offers to match your needs and budget.
  • Our tutors are available to assist you at any time and answer all your inquiries.

Now is the time to work towards significantly improving your grades with our online private lessons in Chemistry.