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Online Arabic course british syllabus

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Online Arabic course british syllabus


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Online Arabic course british Curriculum

The Arabic language is one of the most popular la nguages in addition to being the main language of reading. Hence, it is necessary to strengthen students’ skills and provide support to them so which will make them speak the language fluently and spell it without any errors. This will be done by sharpening many skills such as learning letters, sounds, and correct pronunciation of them – learning Arabic grammar, writing and reading skills, and other necessary skills that are required to strengthen students’ skills in the Arabic language.

The features of the Online Arabic course British Curriculum with

1- An online individual course through Zoom.
2- Flexibility in scheduling your classes according to the parents needs. We offer both morning and night classes.
3- Highly qualified teachers who are specialized in Arabic course british Curriculum.
4- Providing all the scientific materials the students need to study outside the training session.
5- Using the latest methods of learning and exercises such as using activities – songs – stories, which achieves the joy of learning and helps students to learn easily.
6- Best prices and discounts on all of the educational courses.
7- Providing all the needed tests in the Arabic subject according to the student’s academic grade.

The content of the online Arabic course british Curriculum

The online Arabic language course is concerned with strengthening students’ linguistic skills in the Arabic language through focused training according to the curriculum on the following skills:
• Vocabulary and composition skills- practicing and tracking the story events
• Questioning Strategies Training
• How to deal with informational texts
• Understand grammar rules and how to write sound sentences free of grammatical errors
• Practicing to read short and long letter movements
• Literary writing and narrative text exercises
• Reading comprehension exercises
• Spelling and writing skills practice


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