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The ACT Exam course


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ACT Exam course

The ACT Exam course works to provide high school students who wish to complete their studies in American or Canadian universities or colleges with strategies for passing the ACT exam with practical training on the nature of the questions for each of the four test sections: English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, in addition to the fifth section, which is Optional article writing section

The ACT Exam for American Colleges is the abbreviation for American college testing, which is responsible for organizing the exam.

Targets the ACT Exam

High school students with the aim of evaluating their abilities to succeed in American and Canadian colleges – The ACT test is concerned with measuring basic skills such as understanding, knowledge and problem-solving skills through multiple questions across the four exam sections: English – Reading – Mathematics – Science in addition to a fifth test, which is optional. Essay writing

Advantages of the ACT Exam Preparation Course

  • An individual online training course via Zoom, not a group
  • Flexibility to choose suitable times for you, morning and evening
  • Dedicated lecturers provide you with guidance and permanent assessment during and after the course
  • Practical training strategies for solving Act Exam sample questions to gain experience with test questions
  • Provide notes through which you can easily study after the end of the training course
  • ACT exam preparation course content

Reading section of the Act exam

Training in reading literary texts – long and short prose texts aimed at ensuring that the student understands and comprehends the English language

  • Gain the skills of identifying ideas, key details, craftsmanship, structure, and integration of knowledge and ideas
  • How to extract meanings from texts and acquire thinking skills to identify implicit meanings
  • Gain reasoning skills to identify key ideas
  • How to identify and interpret important details and understand the sequence of events
  • Determine cause-and-effect relationships
  • Determine the meanings of words, phrases, and statements based on context
  • How to analyze the vision of the author or narrator

Science section of the ACT Exam

Training in reading practical texts with the acquisition of data extraction skills and scientific logic for some facts. Questions related to the science department can be answered in the Act exam, where hands-on training is conducted on

Acquiring speed-reading skills and identifying the required information by training on types of questions in different formats such as data representation – research summary – conflicting points of view

Writing section of the ACT exam (optional)

Writing is often about broad social issues, in which the student writes a comment on an idea or discusses a specific issue. The training is done in a practical way based on the Act exam questions in the writing section.

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