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ACT Exam preparation course – English and Mathematics Guide

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ACT Exam preparation course – English and Mathematics Guide


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ACT Exam preparation course – English and Mathematics Guide

The ACT Exam course works to provide high school students who wish to complete their studies in American or Canadian universities or colleges.

With strategies for passing the exam and practical training on the nature of the questions for each of the four test sections:

  • English.
  • Reading.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • In addition to the fifth section, which is Optional article writing section.

The ACT Exam for American Colleges is the abbreviation for American college testing, which is responsible for organizing the exam.

Targets of the ACT Exam

High school students with the aim of evaluating their abilities to succeed in American and Canadian colleges.

The ACT test is concerned with measuring basic skills such as understanding, knowledge and problem-solving skills through multiple questions across the four exam sections in addition to a fifth test (optional).

Advantages of the ACT Exam Preparation Course

  • An individual online training course via Zoom, not a group.
  • Flexibility to choose suitable times for you (morning – evening).
  • Dedicated lecturers provide you with guidance and permanent assessment during and after the course.
  • Practical training strategies for solving exam sample questions to gain experience with test questions.
  • Provide notes through which you can easily study after the end of the training course.

ACT exam preparation course content

First: The English language section of the ACT exam

The method of building and constructing sentences correctly in terms of style and the use of correct words spelling and grammar of the English language.

  • Acquisition of rhetorical skills using clarity and brevity.
  • Acquire punctuation skills.
  • Training on sentence organization skills in paragraphs.
  • Practical training through the exam questions on the first part of the English language test

Second: Mathematics section of the ACT exam

The Mathematics Department aims to assess mathematical skills, so it focuses on the basic concepts and arithmetic skills that were covered at the secondary stage in all its classes.

Practical training depends on strategies for passing the exam according to the following topics:

  • Algebra.
  • Flat geometry.
  • Basic algebra.
  • Middle algebra.
  • Engineering coordination.
  • Trigonometry.

Using The calculator is available while performing the arithmetic operations.


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