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Are you suffering from anxiety because your exam date is approaching and you don’t know how to deal with it? We usually feel worried about what we do not know or do not know how to deal with, but the school website.com, which provides training courses, does not have to worry anymore. These are preparatory courses. You can prepare for the EMSAT exam with different stages and materials, which is what you need to pass the EMSAT exam. During this article, we will also learn about the easiest and most important ways to book an Emsat exam, register for the exam, and prepare for standard tests.

The importance of EMSAT testing in the UAE

  • Improving students’ skills and integrating them into the labor market
  • Taking strong steps to achieve and implement the UAE Agenda 2031, which aims to develop and implement alternative solutions to future challenges.
  • Applying artificial intelligence strategies in education and teaching
  • Helping students determine their academic and literary level.
  • Collecting the necessary data to develop the education system in schools in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Evaluating institutions, schools and their employees
  •  Revitalizing the modern education system
  • Encouraging students to develop their academic level in line with university and labor market requirements
  • Teaching students different teaching methods
  • Determine the appropriate educational path for your student

Emsat tests

The set of electronic tests in the UAE aims to evaluate the performance of students at different educational levels and is divided into three stages.

The first stage: achievement test. What is the achievement test?

This is one of the Emsat exam, designed for 12th grade students and applicants for overseas scholarships, master’s and doctoral degrees. It is considered the first criterion for admission to public and private universities. The test includes multiple subjects, including Arabic, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and biology. Therefore, it is very important to book an Emsat exam for 12th grade students coming to university.

The second stage: sequential testing

This is one of the tests designed for fourth, sixth, eighth, and tenth grade students. It aims to assess students’ skills in a range of subjects including Arabic, English, mathematics and science. Therefore, it is very important to book an Emsat exam for 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th grade students.

The third stage: basic testing

This is an EMSAT test designed to measure basic cognitive skills for first grade students entering general education, specifically reading and writing skills in Arabic, English, and mathematics. Therefore, it is very important to book an Emsat exam for first year students.

Preparation before to book an Emsat exam

To book an Emsat exam, you must first prepare for the exam. This is an important test, so you have to study hard and prepare to get a good score so that you do not have to take the test again or register for the test again. The most important stages of preparing for the test are:

  • Know all the details about Standardized Emsat tests

Identifying the stages of the Emsat test and whether the Emsat test is basic, sequential, or completion. This will tell you the items and steps you need to complete to pass the test, depending on what the test measures.

For example, if you are enrolled in Emsat Primary School, the Emsat Primary School test will assess your basic language skills and knowledge of Arabic and English to prepare you for the next stage of your education. This stage includes advanced stages of learning the English and Arabic languages ​​and mathematics rules (algebra, geometry, calculus, etc.).

If you registered in Emsat in the achievement stage, the Amsat achievement stage test will focus on testing scientific subjects such as pure mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics, in addition to detailed information about the subject in Arabic and English. Especially if your university requires you to pass a test provided by the Emirates Standardized Tests (EMSAT).

  • Organizing a study schedule

You may have already read many articles about the need for time management and how it can help you manage your time effectively to achieve success and excel in your studies. But the key is to track and evaluate your schedule and flexibility regularly.

This means having a flexible schedule that can change depending on variables and circumstances. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a schedule and stick to it. The key here is to train your brain to study for a certain amount of time at a specific time (morning or evening). This way, you will always be mentally prepared and able to generate and collect data effectively at that time.

  • Organize a detailed schedule on exam nights

One of the challenges faced by students taking the EMSAT exam is reviewing the material on the day of the exam. Here are the steps to prepare to go to the exam center:

  • Before going to the testing center, prepare the necessary documents such as test papers.
  • Make sure you reserve a time slot to take the test at the testing center.
  • Make sure you have your exam card and can enter the exam room with it.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to set a study schedule, prepare and prepare exam questions, and get enough sleep.

How to book an Emsat Exam?

Students must register in advance for the Emsat exam. This is a prerequisite for taking the exam. To register, students must have a personal account on the Emsat testing platform of the EMSAT industry of Education. Students must choose the appropriate exam level according to their educational stage. Example:

  • EMSAT basics test is intended for first grade students only.
  • Emsat sequential Test for Students (4th Grade, 6th Grade, 8th Grade, 10th Grade)
  •  Emsat achievement test for twelfth grade students.

Students will then be directed to the exam registration platform to make a decision:

  • The first step is to click on the hyperlink of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates and go to the registration bar under the instructions for registering for the Emsat achievement test.
  • A new screen window will appear. Click the “Complete” button. He appears. Do you have an account on the Emirates Tests website or have you previously registered in a school or university? Select No, I don’t have an account. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your Emirates ID number and make sure you enter it correctly.
  • Make sure to send a One Time Password (OTP) to the mobile number linked to your Emirates ID number (EID). After pressing the “Send OTP” button, a pop-up message will appear indicating that the security code has been sent successfully. Check the 6-digit code on your mobile phone, then after confirming the one-time password (you need to enter it carefully in the required fields).
  • If approved, choose one of the institutions mentioned to take the Emsat exam. Please ensure you use a personal and accessible email address. The activation link will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Verify your mobile phone number and choose a strong password (at least 8 characters, including upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols).
  • Please note: All self-registered student accounts are inactive until the specific school activates the account. Candidates will be notified via email and SMS upon activation/deactivation.
  • If you disable activation, the application will automatically register you at the Emirates School and will enable you to register at the main testing centers. After activation, you will be able to access the electronic portal. 
  • After activating your account, log in to the portal. The certificate will be available once the emsat exam results are uploaded. You can select the available test subject, test date, shift and time.
  • Once your reservation is submitted and confirmed, the page will automatically redirect you to your payment gateway. Click on “Pay” then choose and confirm your e-Dirham card. After confirmation, you will be able to view the details of the purchased service and click “Continue Payment”.
  • Then enter your card details and click “Pay Now”. Click Submit on the next page. Do not leave the payment page until you are redirected to the online portal. Your reservation will then be successfully confirmed. Once the payment process is complete, a confirmation page will appear on your screen.

This is considered the basic way to book an Emsat exam.

Exam fees to book an Emsat exam

  • The EMSAT exam fee for 12th grade students is completely free if you are taking the test for the first time, but if you are retaking the test or individual subjects, there will be about  AED 100 per subject.
  • The Emsat exam fee for non-citizen 12th grade students is about 300 dirhams for the first exam and about 100 dirhams for each subject for the re-test.
  • The fee for the EMSAT exam for non-12th grade students is about 250 AED per subject, with a re-test fee about 100 AED per subject and the test is only permitted once.

Requirements to pass the EMSAT test in the UAE

After finishing all the steps to book an Emsat exam, we must know many requirements to pass the Emsat test. The requirements for taking the Emsat exam vary according to the type of test and the level of the student, such as the general Emsat exam for university admission or the Emsat exam for specific subjects such as English or mathematics. Common elements that can be included in EMSAT testing requirements are:

  • Registration: Students must register for the UAE Test (EMSAT) through a dedicated platform or Emsat exam organizer.
  • Identity is personal: Students are usually required to carry a valid identity document, such as a national ID card or passport, to verify their identity during the test.
  • Preparation: We recommend preparing for the exam in advance by studying specific topics and practicing techniques for the expected questions.
  • Fees: Students may be required to pay a fee to take the AMAT test. Students must confirm the exact amount and method of payment before registering.
  • Timing: Students must adhere to the scheduled exam dates and appear on time.

The most common features of Emsat exam

  • Focuses on basic academic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • A series of questions designed to assess different skills and abilities.
  • Focus on problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Most tests have a time limit of two hours.
  • The exam is divided into three sections: English, Mathematics and Science. The total score for each section is 800 points.
  • The English section is divided into reading comprehension and writing, each worth 400 points.
  • The mathematics section is also divided into two sections, algebra and geometry, each worth 400 points. Instead, it is divided into quantitative reasoning (400 points) and analytical thinking (400 points).
  • Finally, the science section consists of biology, chemistry, and physics, each worth 200 points.

How do students prepare for the EMSAT exam before applying the steps to book an Emsat exam?

Our website, Elmadrasah.com, will provide you with the support you need to pass your exam. We offer personalized online courses to identify your learning needs, then work with your dedicated tutor to help you implement a personalized learning strategy just for you. Our website ensures that you get the most effective support to achieve excellent results in the EMSAT test.

Why is attending Emsat training courses an indispensable necessity?

The importance of taking the Emsat training course lies in the importance of the Emsat test, which aims to evaluate students. As it aims to measure the knowledge and skills acquired during general education. This test plays a big role when transitioning to higher education. This is to provide useful information to decision makers at the university admission stage. Therefore, it is very necessary to attend Emsat training courses before applying the steps to book an Emsat exam.

What are the Emsat training courses offered by the  website of Elmadrasah.com?

  • Arabic
  • english language
  • mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer Science

Who are the target students for Emsat courses?

For Emsat training courses, the website of Elmadrasah.com targets the same students who qualify for the Emsat exam: fourth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade, tenth grade, and finally the twelfth grade who are coming to university.

The training courses take into account that the test is divided into first-grade students, followed by fourth-, fifth-, fifth-, and tenth-grade students, what is known as the sequential exams, and twelfth grade students in the completion exams stage for admission to public and private universities.

What distinguishes Emsat training with the website of Elmadrasah.com?

  • Online lessons via Zoom.
  • Individual sessions, training duration is approximately one hour.
  • You can choose the time that suits you, such as morning reservations or evening reservations.
  • Experienced trainers provide ongoing guidance and assessment throughout the course.
  • We provide Emsat books to our students to help them learn outside our courses.
  • Practice solving previous exam sample questions in the different test sections.
  • It provides a comprehensive assessment of the student’s level and abilities.

Advantages of Emsat reviews with Elmadrasah.com 

Students can enjoy many benefits through the reviews and training courses provided by elmadrasah.com platform, making it the best in online e-learning. These benefits vary as follows:

  • Preparing reviews based on the need to address students’ weak points.
  • Focusing students’ attention by mastering the scientific material in separate courses.
  • The opportunity to communicate with parents and students during the test.
  • It gives you the freedom to choose the appropriate training time between morning and evening.
  • Helping students overcome the problems they face during mock exams.
  • The ability of students to ask questions and find answers through direct communication with the teacher.
  • Provide feedback and training materials. Make sure students can refer to information if they forget it, and that they can view it outside of class.
  • We use leading experts and trainers to provide a detailed explanation of how to understand test questions.
  • Conducting online courses to save physical effort when mastering the scientific material.

In conclusion, the better you prepare for the Emsat exam, the more likely you are to perform well and get a high score. This will allow you to fully prepare your study materials, focus your efforts effectively and easily  to book an Emsat exam, increase your self-confidence, analyze questions thoroughly, practice and deal with any difficulties you may encounter in the exam. The website of Elmadrasah.com works to increase your chances of passing the EMSAT exam by providing intensive training courses that help you prepare well and pass the EMSAT exam easily, and also provides simple ways to book an EMSAT exam.

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